Wrote a short guide-ish of how to set up Kubuntu for gaming. Also some thoughts of who may benefit from this guide and if they should switch to Linux.


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@huntra So you got good experience with AMD? (how long, what distros?)
Always got nvidia cards and it is a mess, especially on laptops with both intel and dedicated nvidia cards (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
First there was this nvidia shell script to install drivers and the open bumblebee thing to switch cards. But thanks to licenses it was a huge clunky hack and crashed all the time.
On my recent install the drivers I need are outdated so I work in
* corection: Blender with intel card, nouveau is not supported

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@mikapyon well ive mostly used this amd card with this kubuntu install, since i havent had linux that long

And before this amd card i have always had nvidia since it was pretty good on windows

But with linux amd has been really painless for me, the open source drivers are really nice

@huntra If you are not using it super long yet and can say "its good" then maybe worth to try it next time, thank you!! (PC not laptop I assume?)

Maybe for your post it would be worth mentioning: there have been ~3 ways to install nvidia drivers so there are many old guides. It is best to follow the recent wiki instructions of your distro.


@mikapyon yup i use desktop PC :D

i'll update the post today with that, thanks!

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