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location ~ \.php$ {
return 444;

because some people can't take a hint 😀

 doesn’t get to sell me a several grand worth of box that way… Maybe make it pad only? Would be way less good than on the phone though.

Would think about jumping ship for this. The computer in my pocket is my computer.

Linux on dex makes me imagine an anti-marzipan. Instead of running phone apps on your Mac… wireless keyboard & mouse, plug the phone into a monitor via it’s coming soon thunderbolt port, & boom: Your next Mac isn’t physical, it’s an app on your iPhone.

People who read my blog still loving Firefox - 6:5:3:2 -- chrome:ff:safari:IE

(And that's after discounting the thousands of failed POSTs & attempts at wp-login, lolz, there's no better ad for a static site than looking at server logs 🙂 )

So many AWS servers... there must be good $ in this caper (FTW)

Home with the flu, so I'm adding bot user agent strings to a list of bad boys that get 404s... it does make me feel slightly better

Going through fifty apps & unticking 'show notifications lock screen.' One. At. A. Time.

A whole bunch of use<something> functions to remember that magic up set<thing> functions. Still not exactly elegant. (React hooks )

You really have no concept of just how damned HUGE the solar system is until you see something like this... someone rendered a video of travelling from the sun outwards at the speed of light, and it’s completely blowing my mind.

Ooh, really javascript code completion in ms code. Nice. 🙂

Damn, Ruby Pico’s gone from the App Store. Was a nice little app, a bit like pythonista though a lot less full featured. (Things I discover with a new phone.)

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