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My ‘other mastodon’ folder is bulging. All good stuff, the more the merrier.

Weird. Got in via clicking on a random in the timeline. You need to login. Yeah I’m trying to…

Bought Mast & Toot.

First observations:
- neither has mastodon in its name, so neither comes up in searches
- can’t at first blush work out even how to login on Toot, doesn’t come up… makes me hate the confetti animation even more

I should get back to my more *ahem* utilitarian client

yarn global add bs-platform

works fine, FB not so subtly trying to get me to use yarn 🤷‍♂️

npm install -g bs-platform

*terminal explodes in warnings*

Woah. Chrome 70 is making DPWA (Desktop Progressive Web Apps) a thing now. Like sans Electron. This is interesting.

Twitter for politics, Mastodon for everything else. Maybe.

🎼 I fought the notch, and the notch won

New proud owner of an XS. After all the convincing I did of myself that I didn't want one, & my accidental reason for getting one, it's become quite the forbidden fruit in some dusty corner of my mind. The phone I'm not meant to have.

The artistic apples on the special event page are quite something, I think.

Just realised the iTunes account now has purchases from all the different stores on it. Probably old news to everyone else.

Some other ancient history: my first App Store purchase (& it was 11 months till I got that first iPhone.)

In case you need to know when the XR's will be available 🙂

Spent weeks convincing myself I don’t need or want a new phone.

*Wife drops phone*

iPhone XS here I come. 🤷‍♂️

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