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How about favorites? I kinda used those as bookmarks for some things.

Maybe I should just find those specific ones and bookmark them, I dunno.

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Time for me to move off mastodon.social and onto a smaller server.

How ... do I do this? Do I have to re-add all my follows?

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I don't come to Mastodon to read Retweets. I come here to read Toots

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The essential questions people often forget to ask: Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? And, is it kind? #nicewave #carepunk #compassion #selfcare

Lazy Mastodon feature request 

A feature where you have to confirm that you don't want to CW your toot before sending it.

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I love this - Oh My Golly Embroidery asked for suggestions of 90s songs performed by women, and then used embroidery (which gets dismissed as "women's art") to render a mixtape playlist. instagram.com/p/BhUGST5nGe0/ #music #mixtape #art #embroidery

business idea 

A Mastodon instance that costs a one-time fee of $10k to join.

Domain name: iamri.ch .

uspol, 1A 

When did "free speech" become a dogwhistle? Has it always been and I simply didn't know due to all my privileges? Is it new with the rise of social networking Web sites? Both?

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we need #carepunk more than ever at this point

being good to people needs to become seen for what it is: rebellion against a system built to reward assholes as much as possible

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seriousness, introduction to race for white americans 

If you grew up white in America, here are two things I've used to learn more history:

- _The New Jim Crow_ by Michelle Alexander
- Seeing White, a 13-part podcast: podcast.cdsporch.org/episode-3

reporting users 

If you have the energy and ability, try to be thorough: if you see a toot that does not belong on the fediverse, follow through to the account's profile. If they have followers, follow through each follower's profile first. They will likely have similar content and can be reported. Then return to the original account and report it.

This is for reporting. Whether you are this thorough for muting or blocking is up to you. (I don't, but my threat model differs from yours.)

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Friendly reminder, report the shit you see! The moderators can't catch everything on the server, but I'll be damned if they can't deal with the reports that do come in.

This isn't birdsite, if it doesn't fit with the rules and guidelines it will be dealt with. If the rules and guidelines are missing something let us know.

Thank you <3

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@GinnyMcQueen@kitty.town I've been reporting some accounts myself.

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