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Honestly it took me years to realize how much of my negative personality was due to learning about software via ESR's writing as an easily influenced teen.

I was thinking the other day: I'd love an updated Jargon File with more feminism and less hero-worship.

@mikeburns @diamaterialista @claire I spent quite a few of my teenage years on Slashdot, where there was plenty of that toxic right-technolibertarian culture that ESR promoted.

How the hell I managed to get /out/ of that culture, I'm still not entirely sure.

@bhtooefr @mikeburns @claire @anotak @woozle tbh I feel a little guilty for starting this conversation by basically sorta praising ESR but I'm really loving it, y'all are all awesome :)

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I too found esr enjoyable, once upon a time. Even assholes can contribute useful understandings.

FWIW, esr has called me an idiot. I think I'm complimented ;-) issuepedia.org/User:Woozle/esr

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(oops... if anyone tried to read those transcripts, there are some munged characters making most of it invisible. Fixing that now...)

esr interactions Show more

esr interactions Show more

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No no, I must apologize - I shouldn't have used your thread to complain about ESR. Clearly whatever path got you started worked out really well!

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Kinsey: keep hacking.

As the thread has gone sideways: ESR is the reason I released a "conferences must have a harrassment policy for me to attend as a guest" policy. Not because I know of any harassment from him (though I would be totally not shocked), but because his arguments against such policies make the case for them so strongly.

@mikeburns @mwlucas @claire I saw someone mention this at one point yesterday, not sure how good of a jumping-off point it might be for such a project github.com/bashrc/TheJargonFil

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