there’s countless xeons in landfills with 10k+ CPUMark scores.

there’s warehouses full of unsold DDR3 ECC

you can look in dumpsters in any major city and find 5-10 year old dell precisions that still run fine

and we’re still manufacturing new, flawed consumer tech - and making extremely substantial compromises to keep it cheap.

Moore’s law has slowed down enough that we can just use the old shit. If it was good enough for businesses five years ago, it’s good enough for me today

Archaeologists believe that in the early 21st century, every person had a 'true name', an odd string of letters, dots, and the symbol '@' within it. We believe the '@", given its similarity of shape to a spiral galaxy, was a sacred symbol of the cosmos, the world, or power. It was used almost exclusively in words of power.

While these 'true names' appeared everywhere, the ancients avoided writing them down and would often remove the '.' and '@' glyphs. Our current theory is that the ancients believed in a malevolent deity made of pork whose attention they did not wish to attract.

IT want me to raise a ticket because I am unable to raise tickets.

For Kodak, the millennium looked shiny.
The future did not agree so much.

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Death and funerals 

To top it off, there is one out of many grandchildren (not the last born) who is completely missed out of the will. That grandchild is the one who has cared for the deceased person whenever they've been ill.

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Death and funerals 

And watch for the family arguments.
Especially over an outdated will, that surprisingly lists an extra family member nobody knew anything about, and then the hilarity of having two ministers in the family (fighting over who does the funeral). For bonus points the will says that one of them gets the religious artefacts, the other gets the tankards and whiskey.

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Death and funerals 

Funerals are a logistical nightmare.
Grab family you've never met from around the country, meet up for half an hour, wait for a box to arrive, watch box roll into fire, go home.

Electronics fail 

Cannot spell either.
Breadboard, dammit.

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Electronics fail 

Cannot get any of these DHT22 and DHT11 boards going even in the hreadvoard, with an esp8266... Is it:

Fermentation, mead 

It has been 64 days since the mead went in the cupboard.
26 days until "probably drinkable".

Pretty sure "use Qualcomm HD audio (aptx)"
Also includes an unwanted "normalise everything to -12dBfs" grrr.
I need dynamics.

EC by cute cat 

This cat is trying to adopt me. It followed me on my big daily walk

I have not written one of these documents for 7 years.
On the off-chance that fedi would like to help a random engineer write a CV... "Hello".

If you put your programming article up behind the paywall on instead of on your own blog, you are not a true hacker, and will not hear the horns of freedom when you die, and the blinkenlights of Das Komputermaschine will not shine above your grave.

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