Alright then fedi, we're off to IKEA to buy a lampshade and have meatballs.

(OK, we're mostly going for the meatballs, and trying hard nit to buy any more smart lightbulbs).
First though, coffee.

Shout-out to jlpcb for not even making it worth panelising the design. It's cheaper by far to just ask for a few hundred and trust that their automation is obviously waaay better than my feeble human attempts.

Forgive me, for I have rediscovered my love of making shitty add-ons that are truly shit and full of in jokes and red was cheaper than green and the pricing curve was very attractive past 200 and KiCAD's bitmap2component has matured and made riffing on a nasty brand very easy.

To all who still believe in deliberate subversive use of technologies and making silly fun shit, peace, and don't be afraid to do something outright bonkers.

To those who wish to continue the status quo and go with the flow, good luck, enjoy the slow death of that which you hold dear. Don't come jumping on our ship, we have no time for your dead weight and lack of enthusiasm.

2 weeks ago I started talking like London hackspace might not be doomed.
I spoke too soon.
LHS is now basically run by womble, and by bullying behaviour that it accepts as the norm.
It is not worth saving.
This particular hackspace needs burning to the ground and then all others need to strongly defend against this rot.

But really. We have a way to go, and for the first time in 3 or 4 years, I think we're at least back on it.

I think we may have passed the nadir of the first hackspace winter.
We had our infancy, boom to unreasonable size, and bust from movement and toxicity. We are now small again, and with that we seem to have regained our "enthusiasm quota". Hackspace is pulling less dead weight and logistics.
There is still some old rot remaining, and need to remove more gatekeepers (physical and social!) but I see some great new things happening. We have more openness in training, more nights of silly projects..

Note to self: A dozen Terabytes take a while to move.

Haa anyone tried to buy woodland or forest before? Asking for a friend. And possibly some reasons. Looking for boring advice on topics like planning regs, conveyancing, insurance, obligations that come with having a wood of your own..

On the off-chance, if anyone in the fediverse is at ping me, come and claim your yellow rubber duck.

Hello, it is 2019 and much of the world is still run on spreadsheets. Critical config systems therefore are written in VBA, and yes...
That's code I have been fixing.

It's 2019 and the Android volume control still has a linear response. Why. Use log tapers for volume controls you animals.


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