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Hey gang, I'm Mike. 👋

By day, I'm a Product Designer — working currently on Flocker and Dialog.

By night, I write and curate content for my blog — comics, gaming, design, etc. I also stream on Twitch and — until late last year — was recording episodes of my Shortbox comic book microcast.

Wow! Incredible work as always, Mark.
Promo image for @JHickman'sa return to Marvel as he takes over the X-men for and ! Took me nearly a month to complete but worth every minute. As @CBCebulski said during the panel- Everything you see is on purpose. Out in July!

A new secure way to share your photos with family and friends, coming soon to Product Hunt:

So, apparently Count Dooku still doesn’t have a first name... It’s time to give him one. Fill in the blank:

_________ Dooku

Streamers, check out our latest blog post where we chat about rewarding your loyal Flocker subscribers with discounts on merch.
Show your community how much you appreciate their support by offering your Flocker subscribers exclusive discounts on merch! Find out how Flocker lets you set discounts based on subscription tier:

we need to delete youtube before its too late

Based on the host/creator's behaviour over the last couple days, it's pretty clear why Wondery would want to cut ties with the Sword and Scale podcast. Wow.

Forgot to mention that my mug arrived! Thanks!

Huge update for all Flocker users and more exciting stuff on the way. Creators, if you haven't already signed up, there's never been a better time!
Subscriptions and donations are now live for all creators to enjoy! Manage less, create more, and maximize what you take home! Read more here:

Dead billionaire, genitals. Show more

Nailed it, Jamie.
*trying really hard to stay topical* Bill Microsoft

This is the big one.
I think this Tim Apple thing is gonna be what does him in

Can someone please make a functional, modern Android RSS reader app w/ sync for Feedbin? Thanks in advance.

Just a friendly reminder that just because you don't like a particular comic book artist's style doesn't make it garbage!

Is it possible to hide the Getting Started panel? I've gotten started, I'm good now, thanks.

me: hey google, please keep Inbox.

google: what's that? u little baby?? canned, robotic responses to emails? that's what you want, u little diaper baby? huh??

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