Dracula fucking sucks. who thought this was good. "dear diary. for the FIFTH night in a row we had a big oopsie watching Lucy. now, i know Lucy watching has become the central event of everyone i know's life, but somehow that dang dracula managed to sneak through again. oh well. somehow, for the 47th chapter in a row, she is VERY sick but NOT QUITE DEAD. lucky us, since we don't know our ass from a hole in the ground."

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@mikesbadtweets I got halfway through it, and honestly, that's a alarming in its accuracy. :blobnervous:

@Jo i'm reading it in the Dracula Daily email series and, like Seward, i live in constant fear of what new terror the morning will bring.

@mikesbadtweets that's a reality where vampires are not common knowledge for ya

@mikesbadtweets you know what you're getting into when multiple people in Romania warn Jonathan Harker "DO NOT GO TO THE VAMPIRE CASTLE, ENGLISHMAN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" and Harker is just like "goodness, what quaint superstition!"

@janegayclerk @mikesbadtweets
Jonathan Harker arriving in town: what a sweet old grandma, i'll humor her superstitions and hold onto this cross

Jonathan Harker a week later: the grandma was right and if i lose this cross i lose some of the last remaining shreds of my sanity and probably my life

@mikesbadtweets also they gave her random blood transfusions from "two healthy men" and no mention of the resulting blood type incompatibilities

@mikesbadtweets I don't think Lucy died from the vampire I think it was medical quackery and the vampire just happened to be there

@mikesbadtweets also this might not be a spoiler because I don't remember if Lucy died or not I just know a girl dies and they pumped her full of jungle blood first

@minervissa right like a character in the early 90s saying "i downloaded some internet"

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