Differences in rendering colour spaces will be the death of me.

Our Unity XR work on @openbrushapp is merged! 🥳
Big features and new platforms coming to the app soon!

All the work upgrading @openbrushapp to use the @unity XR subsystem really feels like it’s paid off when I can add an entirely new XR platform in 4 lines of code 😌🎉

Controller testing for the @OpenXR powered version of @openbrushapp is nearly done! Sadly it looks like we'll be dropping support for the Logitech VR Ink, as there's no interaction profile available 😢 @logitech @SteamVR any chance of getting it supported in the future? 🙏

Open Brush @openbrushapp broke 400 stars on @GitHub! Thank you everyone for showing your support for our evolution of Tilt Brush! 🎉 🥳github.com/icosa-gallery/open-

Alternatively, if someone wants to write an open source compatibility layer for an engine that emulates Unity’s API, that would be pretty cool too 🤓

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On the XR front, I’m very interested in StereoKit stereokit.net/ which is a C# based, code-first approach. Has a nice emulator for rapid iteration too!

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Godot godotengine.org/ is an obvious candidate to check out, I’ve been hearing many people are giving it a go. Good to see Meta commit some support for XR here too

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I can’t seem to find anyone who’s happy with Unity’s recent behaviour. I really hope our not too late for them to change course, but I think it’s time to explore other engines that are out there 💔

I think it’s finally time to bring this branch up to date 🚀

You can tell when you’ve reached the QA phase of your XR work! Side note: anyone got access to a HTC Vive Cosmos? 😇

While everyone is fawning over Meta’s new teaser, most will forget Lynx was showing occlusion demos like this 6 months ago: youtu.be/Kdw3WdkZgOg


Oculus finally added experimental support for Unity’s own OpenXR plugin in v39 🥳 hopefully a big win for cross platform features and compatibility!

This is a toot from @joinmastodon, synced via moa.party. A lot of people have joined recently, excited to see people experiment with the fediverse. If you decide to join us, find me here! mastodon.social/@mikesky Let me know your profiles too!
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Third time's the charm!

Hi, I'm Mike, and I'm a freelance XR developer! I'm currently working on @openbrushapp, the continuation of Tilt …

Third time's the charm!

Hi, I'm Mike, and I'm a freelance XR developer! I'm currently working on @openbrushapp, the continuation of Tilt Brush, adding new features and porting to OpenXR. I've also built an open source replacement for Google Poly called Icosa gallery.

I'm a big fan of open source and the concept of a singular, open metaverse, so very glad to be on this open, federated platform! Hope to see more users join the fediverse soon.


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