I've had the Mastodon link in my toolbar just like daring me to click on it for the last couple of years and I was afraid to because I felt like the service would have evolved beyond my understanding and I'd be totally lost. ...As it turns out, it looks like everything's pretty much the same.

Anyway, wheee, social media

So the doctor sez, she sez "let's try taking *whole* pills daily instead of just taking half a pill and see if you've built up tolerance" so I took a full pill today and now here I am sitting behind the counter at work waiting for the next opportunity for a potty break. Hoo boy.

Very lightly griped on Twitter about an unannounced "secret" variant cover that appeared with a Marvel comic that already had too many variant covers and is at a $4.99 price point, and the editor of said comic book "liked" my tweet. Hey, great, glad you're amused, buddy.


In happier news, I just got a friend request on Facebook from a guy in high school that my old pal/coworker Rob and I used to draw caricatures of. Not, like, in a mean way...we'd show them to him and he'd laugh. It was like a little cartoony version of him, doing cool things. Anyway, hells yeah I accepted that request.

So I griped on Twitter about their "experimentation" with feeding "alternative viewpoints" into people's feeds for "educational" reasons, which makes it sound like "we'll balance antivaxxers!" but in actuality will be "look, Nazis aren't as bad as you think." Of course, I immediately got a response from some 3-follower rando whose timeline was an endless litany of hateful things, daring me to block him. Hey, dare accepted, buddy!

Let's see if Diamond or UPS manages to misship one of my boxes for the THIRD week in a row.

Oh hey right, Mastodon. I actually forgot the URL, because, you know, it's so difficult.

I need to properly bookmark this site, because just typing "Mastodon.social" into the browser sends me to a list of a bunch of different Mastodon "instances."

The great thing about DC's double-covers on everything is that when Diamond inevitably screws up and shorts you one of the covers, the other cover isn't available for replacement and you're just short copies for the rack 'til you can get more copies of the cover you DID get one to two weeks later.

On one hand, it's a shame when I make an offer for someone's collection and they don't go for it because they think their comics are are worth more than they are. On the other hand, with the FCBD invoice, sales taxes and regular ol' April 15th taxes coming up, I kinda didn' want to spend the money anyway.

Guys, the user name "bleedingcool" hasn't been taken here yet.

It's nice when a uncommonly small Diamond invoice is followed by a very busy Wednesday.

When the bloodied, battered body of Diamond Comics is discovered in a ditch somewhere, I will be Suspect Number One.

I feel like I'm more comfortable talking here about the one guy who, when he comes to the store, no matter what time of day it is, he's there 'til you close. About four hours this time. My fault for having so many back issue boxes to dig through, I suppose!

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