Now whenever it goes off I instinctively just swipe it to make it stop lmao

i came home and sat down and my cat screamed in my face and then shoved himself onto my lap and just started purring very loud

it's nice to know when you're loved

My phone: your data isn't backed up
Me: *aren't
Also me: shut up, Jake, no one likes a pedant
Also also me: "data" isn't really plural in English anyway.
Still me: *aren't

I recently switched from Google to DuckDuckGo after a search for "how to cut steel pipe" returned:

DDG: the first four links at least answered my question perfectly

Google: a random mid-sentence clip of a YouTube video of a disembodied torso and hands using £500 equipment for a job that needs a £5 hacksaw, a chart about converting ear spacer gauge sizes and the rest of the page was links to buy pipe

Switch, seriously


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