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PSA: My toots in Malayalam (maybe Tamil and Hindi too) will be at @milcom. Good to have a logical separation of content.

My mastodon notifications be like "A poll you voted on has ended." multiplied by 30.

Guess who forgot to pack his water bottle for a two hour commute and is super thirsty now? 

All the peppery things I ate at lunch yesterday are radiating heat from my body. I can be the Fire guy from Captain Planet.

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Have you gone to bed so tired (while sober) that when you woke up, you had no recollection of who or where you are?

Long day tomorrow. I have plans to accomplish great things at work.

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Two meetings done. This time, I was appreciated for what I showed them.

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The reason why Sanghis and this Govt is after and imposing is not because of Leftist Ideology or so, but this...👇

Meeting one done. Two more that need my attention. Wednesdays are the longest days of my workweek.

I'm so sleepy that if the earth shattered, I would think twice about moving.

Going out on a lunch with my team and another at work. The activity is for "team building". The only thing that'll get developed is that dad bod.

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this is the official mastodn christmas wish thread put your christmas wishes here

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A friend is looking for a 2 or 3 BHK near sector 8 Noida.
Commute time has to be within 30 mins.
Budget 15k, can stretch upto max 20k.

Any leads? Reply or DM.

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Is there a group that you inherently distrust more than politicians? For me, it's cab drivers who'll lie to you about there whereabouts and tell you they'll be there in two minuyes when they are at least 20 minutes away from where you are.

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Remember how Google’s interview was amazing because they asked you to calculate the weight of a Boeing 747 but you had to use dry docks and grinders and helium instead of going to the nearest airport and asking a senior pilot?

Maybe that explains why expertise isn’t valued.

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