@stux - I advise you to skip the sleep ! #India Toots are going to explode in a few hours. You wouldn't want to miss it. So grab a cup of coffee and stay awake. Thank me later 😇

@AdvManoj Ohh man I would love to but I’ll have to work in about 9 hours😬 The servers need to be payed with something😊💪🏻

@stux - I saw your appeal for contribution. Set up something where we can contribute in indian currency. We wouldn't disappoint you. 😊

@stux - And going forward, you may get in touch with me on the issue :) we will figure a way out of India's regulatory maze & set up a legal funding route 😇

@AdvManoj @stux Patreon can be set up with an Indian credit card too. I set up one for mastodon.social yesterday (because I'm on that instance) without any hassles.

@milcom @AdvManoj Very nice you support the mastodon community!


@stux @AdvManoj Trying to give back in whatever way I can is all. ☺

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