What if all this outsourcing reminders and life hacks and productivity systems and forming habits to software services is... just all of us looking for good enough mothering?

I was involuntarily pulled in to an argument on Facebook with an alt right troll because I noticed bias in GAN data sets and invoked John Berger and he called me a Marxist and I think I’m done with the internet.

Why is the internet full of such utter cunts? It’s like they doubled down hard on the eternal September.

Of the 768 accounts I follow on twitter, 47 imported to mastodon, of which 8 are women. Only one of those women seems to be posting. I don’t really know that person IRL (unlike most of that 47). A few years ago I would not have noticed this. I feel both woke, and a bit lonely and disengaged

For that matter... what if Nils Frahm is just Neue Enya?

Gosh but what if Four Tet is just Jean-Michelle Jarre for hipsters?

I mean, I say "The" costume. Like there's only one choice. I mean, there are so MANY costumes to choose from.

I'm not sure that @ianbetteridge is completely behind my plan to base our imaginary future wedding entirely on the film. Which is a pretty good reason not to marry him tbh. Shame, he'd look so great in the costume.

Flash Gordon is one of the greatest films ever made, and you know this to be true.


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