Y’all ever have your foot fall asleep so hard you nearly vomit and sprain your ankle trying to stand

If your “eTicket” requires me to Print at Home, that’s a questionable amount of “e”

Charging my energy crystals with posts about people cancelling their prime accounts

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seen a couple people talking about what "boost" reminds them of and for me it's this bit from idle thumbs podcast.idlethumbs.net/music/c

Love to buy stupid gaming hardware, predictably stop using it after a week, then somehow sell it at a profit years later

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The opinions on twitter i see are always very big picture. "why mastodon (always mastodon) can't solve all harassment problems" or something. I think the fedi has a different, smaller scale appeal.

having radio shows, movie nights, local posting culture, that is all wonderful but doesn't involve more than a few dozen people.

It's going back to an actual social network. Nobody can be social with lady gaga or trump.
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rehonk if you want Wheatus to get on here

Nothing like Station to Station and Perfect from Now On back to back to get your fill of 7+ min bangers

thinking about getting a cat so i have something to post on here


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