Basically, every app on at least one operating system that wants you to use it instead of macOS starts by displaying a warning when launched from terminal and folks are just OK with that?

My issue isn’t with the bug itself. Bugs happen. I’m the proud daddy of many of the little critters myself.

My issue is with all of the “ignore it” messages I’m seeing as I try to find a solution to it so my app doesn’t launch with a “fuck you” to the person using it.

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@aral actually this is exactly the aim of a warning message: "something not blocking, but eh, a bit weird, has been found while running. You may find interesting to review it". In fact these messages are not intended for the app developper, but to the user to look at something in their own environment (which may vary a lot from the dev one). Otherwise it is an error message.

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@aral Thus there is nothing wrong from a developper point of view to not address them. Every one is free to do whatever they want on their computers, even setuping weird environments, which may, or may not, trouble running applications.

@aral it is not up to the free and open source developper, often on their free time, to support perfectly every possible different environment in which one may find it interesting to run their software.

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