I have noticed
the slush
that was in
the food court

and which
is quite probably
like Kool-Aid

forgive me
for posting the picture:

(Bay Area folks who want to see evidence should come see Awesome Orchestra at Flower Piano on Saturday in the SF Botanical Gardens: awesomeorchestra.org/all-event )

The bassoon is at least in the top 3 most decoratable orchestral instruments.

Told an incredulous high-schooler yesterday that the first computer I used only had one display color, and my first program was stored on an answering machine cassette tape.

Then realized that she has never used an answering machine or a cassette tape. (She's *heard* of them, of course...)

(And I say "worst" as someone who has given lightning talks about lightning just to be able to make the joke.)

Worst conference idea: everyone presents on the work of someone named Ted. Last line: "thank you for coming to my Ted talk".

Rehearsal, BTW, is for tomorrow's San Francisco Composers' Chamber Orchestra concert: news.sfcco.org/2019/04/under-d -- 8 pm, St. Teresa of Avila church, SF. (Nothing of mine on the program, but I'll be playing violin and bassoon... not at the same time.)

Wardrobe considerations for bassooning are different: no skirts that make playing seated with a seat strap awkward, and no loose/dangly things that will get caught in the keywork. (For that matter, ponytails mean never having to red-facedly untangle your hair from the keywork...)

Musician fail: wore a shirt with a zipper on the shoulder to last night's rehearsal. Then proceeded to smash metal into my shoulder for three hours by resting a violin on top of it. (Slightly alleviated by keeping my jacket on.)

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free idea: phishing test emails, only for work-life balance culture

send fake meeting invites at 5pm. if you accept, you get busted and have to take a day off.

(don't do this)

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(Also, while I am comfortable enough playing my instruments that I have sight-read music on a concert stage many times, I was nervous enough as a novice singer that I blanked on the beginning to my first song and had to restart...)

Did wear the walking boot along with my fancy skirt in a studio recital Sunday with my voice teacher's other students (most of the rest of whom were under 17 or over 50).

Can wear regular shoes for walking around now. Which is a relief, since it is the sort of weather where I barely want to wear shoes much less a walking boot.

And now I get to put my walking boot back on instead of some tightly-laced mid-calf Docs with an orthotic insert, and *not* drive on my sprained foot. (I'd've rescheduled if I could have gotten another testing appointment less than 2 months out.)

I don't know why I even remember that, but anyway since I'm in the north bay now and transit connectivity isn't as good up here, I finally got my first driver's license. (I am pretty sure I was just as nervous taking the test as the 16-year-olds.)

According to my mom, I am officially allowed to curse now. You'll be surprised at this both if you've ever heard me talk and if you know that she passed away when I was in college. But when I tried to repeat her choice words as a preschooler she said I wasn't allowed.

Thinking fast, she explained that you're only allowed to use those words after you get your driver's license. Which made sense to me, because she mostly used those words in the car and everyone I knew who cursed also drove.

More things I can successfully do on one leg: make bread. (Including wheeling 15 pounds of cast iron bakeware and bread at 475F across the kitchen in a scooter. I did not say I could *intelligently* do this on one leg, just successfully.)

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