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mediawiki has this feature where you can thank people for edits, and i think this is a signal i wish more software sent.

Delighted to say I'm consulting with Creative Commons on license stewardship issues. I'm sure I'll have specific asks in the near future but for now I'd love to be pointed to interesting conversations and scholarship…or to hear the questions and grievances you've been saving up.

I started to make an image but decided it wasn't funny. Then I opened the graphics editor for something else and saw it again, and liked it more. So now it has to inhabit your brain too.

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This ~12" lizard did not seem happy about my presence with the weedwhacker.

(Not pictured: same lizard hissing at me when it emerged from the taller grass.)

If that was too peaceful for your taste, please enjoy this doe stomping off a buck that was hanging around her baby: youtube.com/watch?v=L1vQWvZ7W5

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Happy Saturday. Please enjoy these tiny fawns bouncing around the backyard.


Just misread "Hubble Extreme Deep Field Image" as "Hubble Extreme Deep Fried Image" and now I really need to see one of those.

(LB: So delighted to see one of my favorite people honored--who has not only been studying (and participating in!) digital communities for a long time but is a great mentor to new scholars too.)

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Awesome news! I received a CAREER award from NSF
to support new work to understand the relationship between community lifecycles and governance in a range of digital public goods. I'm excited, grateful, daunted, and grateful. Here's my department's writeup: com.uw.edu/post/benjamin-mako-

(also I am trying to be brave enough to sing in non-choir settings :-P)

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"Come to me, Grief, for ever" by William Byrd. Meant for voice and viols, but I didn't have any viols, so I used bassoons. (I know, I could have played modern strings, but Renaissance music on bassoons is great.) Recorded for last Saturday's Opus Project.



It is my friend Cathy's birthday, and also World IP Day. She asked for an IP-themed cake for yesterday's (video) party...

(ICYMI, there was a case over a parody of Oh, The Places You'll Go last year.)

my name is Cow
and wen its gray
or wen the fog
sits on the way
befor the hoomans
get too far -
i blok the rode.

i lik the car.


Regretting my habit of naming all of my composition files variations of "stuff" when it's in progress before I pick a title, and then not renaming the file after I have one.

menstruation, possible tmi 

Did not realize I had scheduled my first dose for the first day of my period so I have no idea if the achy tired feeling is an effect of the vaccine or just what I would normally be feeling. Maybe it's better this way.

First dose. (For a mass vax site the Larkspur ferry terminal was actually a pretty nice place to do it.)

Every so often I think that I would really like a set of Nimmer On Copyright just so I can plow through it all sometime and then I am reminded that it is $8000 and absolutely fuck that.

You, know, Firefox, I really *would* prefer to use a securely generated password for that field but it is actually asking for my SSN.

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Even if all staff are fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends against holding staff meetings when they could have been an email.

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i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))


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