I was today years old when I realized Yale University Press gets abbreviated as "YUP" and now you too get to giggle at this.

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Found someone trying to hide among the succulents downtown.

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just remember: anyone can talk to animals. you only need magic to be involved if you want them to reply in your language

(phone camera photos because I am trying to find some reason to go out on my bike even though I have nowhere to go)

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reference to rape 

I don't know where exactly the design fail happened here, but I absolutely do not want this item...

This is not always why I am late to things but I'm just going to use the "deer in the driveway" excuse all the time.

Spent some time this afternoon watching fox.

(photo by my non-tooting partner)

Did the grocery store just remove root permissions so I couldn't exploit leeks?

Does it count as changing up my exercise routine if I turn and face a *different* wall today?

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Any reality TV show contestant who says that this isn’t their first rodeo should be forced to plan, organize and run a complete rodeo before the show can continue. The rodeo is judged by rodeo professionals.

Nobody is told about this in advance.

Definitely not a perfect recording, but one I managed to make in time for the concert. 😛


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Wikimedia is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer that will work closely with my team(s)!


Let me know if you have any questions.

Boosts appreciated :)

#hiring #floss #opensource #jobs #flossjobs


I took a friend's suggestion and made baklava with the leftover phyllo.

(Which was *exactly* as fiddly as I thought it would be. But also delicious.)

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Spanakopita! I had this recipe saved for ages gathering the patience to try it out but it was not actually as fiddly as I feared.

Probably true of a lot of things.

Staying in tomorrow night? (Probably, right?) Want to hear a bunch of music that is numbered Opus 86 or composed in an '86? (That's it, that's the theme. Last one was 85, next one is 87.) DM or email for the stream link. markalburger2021.blogspot.com/

"This is the 'E' key. You can tell because when you press it, it goes 'eeeeee eeeeee eeeeeeee'..." --describing a squeaky bassoon key to my partner.

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