Did the grocery store just remove root permissions so I couldn't exploit leeks?

@mindspillage Probably. The backside of a label on a bunch of carrots I had said "Propagation Prohibited" I posted a pic of it about a month ago.

@FriendofBernie oh, that label usually means it is a patent issue! Whatever license the grower got forbids them from growing that plant by any means other than by purchasing seeds from the license holder, or distributing parts of that plant to others with that intention.

If you are technically able to reproduce those plants and you would in fact download a car(rot)...

@mindspillage Yes, it was a patented carrot. In your case the roots could have been trimmed off by the produce dept to make them look fresher. That happens; shelf-life.

@FriendofBernie yeah, I suspect it is either an appearance issue or to make them less likely to spread trapped dirt all over the shelves. But now I know to prefer buying them elsewhere...

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