For whatever it's worth, I did not support the decision to reinstate RMS. I made my arguments and placed my opposing vote; while I was glad I was able to do that I regret not being able to turn the decision the other way.

(The announcement was unplanned and I expected to have more time for things I wanted to say and do first, but no, I don't think it was the right decision by the FSF, whose mission is needed but which keeps falling short of fulfilling it.)

(I do think this format is awful for difficult conversations, especially about ongoing events, so I don't intend to engage deeply with this thread. But if you're asking me why I support this, I didn't.)

@mindspillage thanks for the explanation, it's appreciated.

Can you share whether other board members were also opposed?

@legoktm I don't feel right about disclosing anyone's vote but my own. (I have let the board know I was making my own position public.)

@mindspillage given that it was a vote, and assuming the board are rational thoughtful people, I wonder what the board members who voted in favour know that most people (many with strong opinions online) don't...

@lightweight @mindspillage If the FSF board wasn't a top secret org, I bet money you'd see meeting minutes calling for Stallman's reinstatement all the way back in 2019 as soon as he "resigned". Probably the same hour.

@downey @mindspillage I think we should ask them to explain their reasoning. It seems a reasonable request. To be fair, I can think of compelling (and just & ethical) reasons for them to do so.

@lightweight @mindspillage It does seem reasonable. But given that there is a secret board ("voting members") and there has never been transparency into either board in decades, I am not holding my breath.

@downey @mindspillage what the FSF requires now is the emergence of a leader who has RMS' FOSS cred... and social grace. Is that too much to hope for?

@be @downey @mindspillage I don't think we are... but some of don't think throwing deeply flawed but sometimes heroic people onto the scrap heap is a great outcome either.

@lightweight @downey @mindspillage I'd love if Richard Stallman worked to make amends. But he has consistently done the exact opposite. The FSF Board of Directors KNEW this would be an explosive disaster so they kept it secret until the end of LibrePlanet.

@downey @lightweight @mindspillage "This tweet is not available to you." I guess it isn't public?

@be @lightweight @mindspillage It's publicly available to a non-authenticated session, at least.

Doesn't everyone make stupid, coy, and tongue-in-cheek remarks in chat rooms.

To us this is just another #sexScandal, over the past few weeks they are rolling them out thick and fast, especially here in #Australia to distract from #Facebook #EstablishmentMedia #Bribery laws.

Meanwhile people in China have woken up to #privacy concerns in #Tesla drivingDevices.

To us those are the real news items. Innuendo and he said, she said, are distractions.

@be @lightweight @mindspillage

@dsfgs @lightweight @mindspillage @be @downey If you want to understand what happened beyond the straw that broke the camel's back and why this was coming for a decade or more (some say more like four, as in "we didn't join, because we knew rms"), the latest episode of @fossandcrafts is really helpful.…

You'll have to forgive us.

Maybe this is just bad timing, but we switched it off when they started pumping a Wikipedia article less than 20 minutes into it.

@downey @lightweight @mindspillage @fossandcrafts @be

@be @lightweight @downey @mindspillage
The most disappointing thing to my mind is the tone of his announcement. The defiant "I won't resign again" is practically gloating. Clearly he's learned nothing and is determined to keep it that way.

@mathew @lightweight @downey @mindspillage I am sad that Stallman will be remembered for this and not just his contributions.

@mathew @lightweight @downey @mindspillage
I would feel bad, if he hadn't worked so damn hard to be remembered in this way.

@lightweight @mindspillage I don't believe it's too much to dream for. While I didn't write the letter at I do believe that's the core of what they're asking for by doing a "total reset", similar to what happened with Tor Project some time back. All I know is that FSF will no longer have any further credibility in my professional circles. Maybe, just maybe, a clean slate could restore things, but, you know, "fool me once..."

@downey @lightweight @mindspillage Even better it would be to have a group of people that can bring back the FSF as a leading force of the Free Software community, without a single leader nor cult of personality.

I can't help feeling that with so much software being assigned to the FSF it is reprehensible that it's private org.
@lightweight @mindspillage

@downey @lightweight @mindspillage
Keith Packard pointed out in FLOSS Weekly that many projects and folks can't just abandon the FSF. Because of the software that they develop on and love, the copyright is assigned to the FSF.

@downey @lightweight @mindspillage @onepict I don't feel like anybody answered the question. I think the community decided around the time of Project Harmony that copyright aggregation is less useful than the FSF originally assumed, and the Busybox case and others have demonstrated it in court.

It's maintained in certain GNU projects as an archaic quirk, but if the authors stopped assigning copyright and individually held their rights, it seems to me that wouldn't affect the future of those projects in any way.

@onepict @downey @lightweight @mindspillage It does raise the question what one does when a once-trusted NGO changes for the worse. What would you suggest as an alternative?

I think that's where you turn to the lawyers. I don't have a good answer. At the moment in terms of leadership the Software Freedom Conservancy is an option if you want to contribute to an organisation that isn't the FSF and they are a home to quite a few projects.
@downey @lightweight @mindspillage

@stevefoerster @downey @lightweight @mindspillage
The other thing that's cool about that is often because those projects are funded the developers are paid to help other newly started projects along as well. Like Reproducible Builds, they are awesome.

@mindspillage Thank you for voting your conscience and doing what you could in the limitations placed upon you.

I sincerely hope that you don't take criticism of "The Board" as personal criticism of yourself. I know from painful personal experience that can be a difficult separation to make.

@mindspillage I don't ask for names, but whose decision was this? A vote of the board members listed on the website? How many people in the FSF voted for this?

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