pet health (-) 

belated #caturday

miss kitty the cat hasn't been eating - even a prized delicacy like mac'n'cheez residue was only worth a few licks. so she's going to the urgent care vet tomorrow for some forcible rehydration, maybe an xray, who knows.

I am not great.

pet health (-) 

Update: She ate a little food and rehydrated herself some. And the nearby emergency vets are booked solid for the day already, we'd have to head to the suburbs. So we're calling the normal vet on Monday instead. :shrug_g1:

pet health, anorexia (~) 

Update again: The vet's hypothesis is that sometimes cats just stop eating for no reason, and then their empty tummies feel bad so they starve themselves forever :shrug_g1:

Gave her some fluids, did a blood draw to check for kidney issues or whatever, sent us home with an appetite stimulant that was originally developed as a human antidepressant. Hoping it works and I don't have to continue to try to hand-feed her wet cat food tonight.


pet health, anorexia (~) 

@mcmoots poor baby! Hope she (and you) feel better soon.

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