Where are some places/communities you see CC licenses being used on software? (Other than Stack Overflow, which is the first one I think of.)

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Also I'm mostly interested in the main license suite (BY, BY-SA, etc.) rather than CC0, but all answers welcome.

What I really want to know here is why the people who are doing this have chosen a CC license instead of one generally recommended for software, so my goal is to find interesting places to go see why.

@mindspillage CopperheadOS used to use a NonCommercial license, don't remember which though
@mindspillage wikis are a very common usecase. i used to be involved with many that did use CC-BY-SA (sometimes with NC).
@mindspillage hahaha fuck sorry i missed the critical overriding factor because i didn't fucking read your post
@mindspillage (with that said, technically isn't most of the stylesheets and code under a MediaWiki wiki's interface namespace under CC if it's hosted on a CC-licensed wiki?)

@libc Unless specified otherwise at the point where it is submitted...

@mindspillage @libc yeah, all Wikimedia gadgets and Lua templates are really software but CC licensed.

I think this is why some MediaWiki extensions end up CC licensed because it may not be possible to get relicensing permission from everyone:

@mindspillage I played around with Wikidata a bit, here's a query for items with a CC license and have a source code repository property:

It brings up a lot of dual-licensed projects that have e.g. GPL code and CC assets, but I did find some ones like which is CC-BY 2.0.

@mindspillage since you work at Creative Commons, it is bizarre this doesn't have 1000 replies. Here on Mastodon many people benefit from Creative Commons licenses.

Maybe @Curator can recommend some ways to give your call the visibility it needs, and/or help you some more followers.

We'd also recommend using hashtags.

FWIW we make live visuals and release them under CC-BY-SA-NC (our work may live in a grey area though; the video part is a remix of free sources or sources we got rights for; the audio is usually a DJ mix of copyrighted tracks).

We upload to where there's a lot of CC-licensed stuff.

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