Someone finally went and made clothes out of some vantablack type stuff (IR Flock Sheet from Ko-Pro Japan). I notice they're turning up the contrast on the camera pretty high though. Other issues: It has no stretch, and it absorbs all IR so it would be extremely hot when the sun is out? (oddly he doesn't mention this despite being a chemical properties youtuber)

@faun kind of want this fabric for the next time I play in an orchestra pit. Great for stage techs too.

@mindspillage I'm unsure as to whether it's really good for hiding since it will make you noticeably darker than the night itself. I remember hearing that ninjas irl didn't wear black, they wore dark blue (or grey I think).

I kind of like the idea of sewing patches of it for details, intense black contrasting against regular black.


@faun I'm sure it would be more conspicuous than regular black, but it would also be more fun.

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