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SCOTUS, Everyone’s Civil Rights are being violated! State and local judges are spitting on the Constitution. America’s Democracy is at stake.. We need leaders for RIGHT and WRONG. Leaders died for our RIGHT to VOTE. STEP IN NOW

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Masculinity can't be bought.

Money, fame, Women, sports, celebrities, games, etc doesn't make a man.

Masculinity can't be bought.

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When it comes to health & fitness, don't trust credentials.

Trust results:

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What countries can you travel to that don't require socialists stick a q-tip into your brain?

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France officially worships buttplugs, cos of Macron

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Modern Christmas Tree



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Why power cleans at age 46?

Because you lose athleticism every year unless you work to maintain it.

And those dead deer aren’t gonna hop up into the back of my truck.

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Everyone loves good bois and good girls

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1 good girl is worth much more than a thousand (word that starts with a “b” and rhymes with witches)

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There’s no defense for this kind of statement.

It’s just not true. ICU at 90%, 63% occupied by non-COVID.

The claim that available beds reported aren’t staffed is incorrect.

Total available beds is based only on staffed beds only, per HHS reporting guidelines. twitter.com/cleavon_md/status/

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Women: If you are tired of playing games, stop playing them.

Stop stooping to his level, and continuing playing 'make-believe' of a loving, committed relationship.

State your needs clearly, and give him a window to meet them.

If he can't, move on. 🙏💚

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If your life sucks (or even if it doesn't suck), don't add any more grief.

The Internet is full of degens that will pick a bone or insult people over nothing, and there's no need to grace them with your time.

I just like people who deadlift 😂, dat off-the-chain posterial chain!

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You like shapely bums and boobs! 🍑

We like shapely arms and legs! 💪🤤

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The world is like the seasons
When it gets to total darkness
slowly there is light again

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