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Everyone be kind to each other or die by my sword

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❤️🍄❤️ If u ever see a mushroom on a dry day drop a tiny bit of water on the cap to help release the spores. You could single handedly grow a mushroom patch by watering one little guy ❤️🍄❤️

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Hey what’s up gamers here :thinkerguns:

I’m Skyler (he/him) I’m gayteen (18) years old and I live in Oregon! I love memes, mushrooms, rats, glitter, and most of all, YOU! ❤️

Friend: *doesnt use a single exclamation point while talking to me*
Me: if u want me to die you can just say so

good morning everyone. i have an idea. please give me one hundred dollars or i will start saying "kek"

Don’t post often anymore but good evening all I mcfuckin love you!!

I don’t understand how my life feels so busy I do literally nothing at all times

In Mario Party 4, the eyebrows of playable characters disappear during some animations. While characters' eyebrows are modeled separately from their bodies in all GameCube Mario Party games, only Mario Party 4 contains instances of them visibly disappearing during gameplay.


I’m going to be happy and enjoy life and not let others negativity get in the way of that anymore

My life became a lot easier when I realized I don’t owe anyone an explanation

uhh soulja boy?? please try to refrain from "cranking that" until you're somewhere, a little more private

Therapy talk 

*knocks off piano keys like teeth and eats them*

if u read this ur gay 

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