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Micah N Gorrell @minego@mastodon.social

I brought books for my kids to read while waiting. Gav decided Field & Stream is more interesting... He is staring at an article about hunting licenses and how they vary between states...

The barber I usually go to only has one guy working on weekends so the wait is always bad. They decided to "fix" this by raising their prices on weekends instead of having a second barber working. *grumple*

Taking my boys to get haircuts, and really wish I could get them to express an opinion about how they look aside from "I don't want it long because it gets in my eyes."

Sammy has been bouncing with his wings spread all morning. I think he might be glad I'm home.

Dear airplane,

Please stop whatever it is you're doing to my back. It isn't appreciated.

Made it to Toronto. Leaving Canada is taking a long time today.

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Well, see ya later Canada. It has been fun but I'm tired and I want to go home now.

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I just watched an ad for Budweiser in French while taking a piss at a restaurant that doesn't serve Budweiser. Montreal is weird.

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Is 3 nights in a row of actually sleeping a bit while on a trip too much to ask? Lets hope not. Fingers crossed. 'night

if a democrat can win in alabama you can absolutely face whatever problems the world can throw at u today

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