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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

I'm kinda thinking of doing a red tailed black cockatoo next to an unbrella and have the black one fade into a space scene and the white into a cloudy sky

So uh, lots of you have tattoos right? If someone wanted say a full arm sleeve tattoo with say a cockatoo theme... Where would that someone look for artwork?

Sam is so cute when he sees Jersey (a female umbrella cockatoo) on YouTube.

@minego buddy of mine had a cockatiel that would sing rammstein

and because Nemo and Sam love the videos. Steven doesn't care.

Currently watching YouTube videos of people who have 6 parrots with my parrots because their videos make me feel sane by comparison.

I am very clumsy today and knocked over my bergamot beard oil. It all poured down the drain... *sigh*

Nemo bit a hole in my shirt right after I took these... *sigh*

tfw you randomly remember a conversation from MANY years ago where you out your foot in your mouth and feel as embarrassed as if it just happened even though the person you said it to didn't care...

I have coffee and some birbs. That is nearly everything I want.

Today would probably be a good day for a nice long bike ride if it didn't look like this out. Oh well.

Who's idea was it to put the coffee maker so far away from my bed?

Sometimes I wish I was good at sleeping...

My home office has been taken over.

Sam: Please!?
Me: No, you can't eat my zipper!!!

This season of Baskets is really dark. Funny but very dark.

6yo: Can I watch Luigi's Mansion?
Me: Luigi who?
6yo: Do you know Mario?
Me: Mario who? Mario Smith? Mario Andretti?
6yo: No! Mario Jump Man!!!
Me: Whoa!!!!