Selfie, eye contact 

Sam really loves his mirror. He never goes into his cage during the day... He has been staring at it non stop...

Nemo always looks so sad after getting her aloe spray... (To help her with discomfort from growing new feathers)

from birdsite, but cute 

Was looking through pictures from the aquarium the other day and particularly liked this turtle.


My desk is a bit of a mess right now, but it is a very nice mess.

I don't understand why, but they gave me a lollipop with my ink samples...

selfie, birb 

selfie, birb 

My son wanted me to ask all of you for help.

Have any of you seen Gav's missing toy bunny? They (Gav is autistic and finds pronouns very confusing) answer to "Bun Bun" and are small, fuzzy and pink.

I think Bun Bun is somewhere in his room, but maybe the poster will help.

Had to stop to switch podcast episode, so you all get a picture of mountains (being the desolation of Utah)

Guess this trail ends here... 12 miles is a good turn around point

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