@gizmomathboy Sammy is a 32 year old umbrella cockatoo and was the first I adopted. Nemo came shortly after, and she is a foster bird for the rescue group I got Sam from. Finally Steven is a 5 year old bare eyed, who was Sam's friend and so he got adopted too.

It looks like birb.site/ is back. Thanks @mastohost for being so quick to get it resolved!

A million sorries, guys!

Everyone should be back up and running. Let me know if you still are having issues.

Step 1: Grab a coffee mug
Step 2: Realize it is actually dirty, and wash it
Step 3: Wash the rest of the dishes
Step 4: Clean the kitchen
Step 5: Realize you forgot to get coffee...
Step 6: Toot about it

Selfie, eye contact 

@mastohost @minego Doesn't look like it made a difference. I still am not seeing your toots there.

@mastohost @minego In fact, now I'm seeing other toots mentioning my birb.site user that aren't appearing, from instances other than m.s

@mastohost @minego It seems that any toots that mention a birb.site user don't make it to birb.site... Your toot didn't show up for example.

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