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I am going to make @minego my main account, so please refollow me there.

If you're willing to help out with running I would appreciate it.

Right now the things that would help are:

1) Moderators. The instance is small so this shouldn't be too hard for now.

2) Hosting payments. I don't mind paying for now but donations would be appreciated and may mean we can grow.

3) Artwork. I'd love to have some custom emoji, and a custom banner etc. If you want to help it would be greatly appreciated.

Sometime in the next 24 hours should be up as an active Mastodon instance. It will be invite only at least initially and the first month I'm treating as a trial.

I was tempted to post more song lyrics just now, but I don't what @quatschmitsauce to give me shit when she wakes up, so you are all spared.

Not taking a day off has worked out okay so far... I suspect I'll feel a bit crappy by the time I go to bed again, but I'm not terrible now.


Full-stack developer, been working with the web since the 90s. #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #Python, #PHP, enough #Ruby and #Node to get myself into trouble. #LAMP is fine but other stacks are fine too; I'm a quick learner.

Any position is okay; I've been out of the office for a while and I''d be happy doing just about anything as long as the income is stable.

Formal resume:

Please boost and share freely!

does anybody have a script that checks through your followers list and looks for migrated accounts

I can feel your heart beating under my skin
And the beating of your heart is making me bleed from within
And if we cut open your heart, poured it in a cup
Do you think it'd be enough, do you think it'd be enough
To fill my heart with music?

Is there an easy way to see if any people you follow have migrated to a new account?

Just heard my 6yo upstairs scream (at his brother I assume) "I'M NOT A BAD PERSON!!!"

I haven't managed to get a good photo of this because he is being shy, but I wish you guys could see Sam... He is still looking at himself in the mirror, and he keeps holding it with one foot to get a better angle.

Sam really loves his mirror. He never goes into his cage during the day... He has been staring at it non stop...

I just got a spam email. At the bottom of the message was the word "unsubscribe" in blue, underlined. Not a link (I checked the source). Just the word...

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