If anyone else is trying to get on the @ZeCircle modded #Minecraft server and has found that #MultiMC is not working for you, I was able to get the modpack loaded up with #ATLauncher. I had to manually install a few mods, but the launcher automated the process as best it could, and there's a browser extension called FastForward that helps you skip the countdowns on CurseForge. Had the whole pack installed in like 60 seconds.

Kinda lame that there's a bit of fiddling needed, but it's better than installing that Overwolf bloatware with the Curse launcher.


@ADHDefy I personaly use GD launcher. It has curse forge fully integrated, among other features.

@minekpo1 Oh rad! Does it still work with CurseForge packs even after their rule change thingy? Some individual mods don't work with third party apps now, which is what broke MultiMC.

@ADHDefy I cant comment on that since I belive I last player Minecraft before that was done. I heard some steps being done to respond to that though.

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