Here I am again with a new batch of

@JF "a C/C++ developer" (he started InfiniTime for the PineTime)

@gamey "I plan to post about foss stuff here and since i just got a Pinephone thats probably what it will mostly be about for now"

@bleakgrey "Developer of Tootle, the Mastodon client for Linux"

@air "Queer gamedev in the UK"

@bull500 "Digital Artist 2D & 3D | Aeronautical Engineer "

Go check them out! As always le me know if you want me to remove you from the toot.

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@minkiu I take it as a big compliment that you added me here. Thanks! :D

@gamey You are doing a good man's work, it's fair :)
Also I was thinking of maybe with @linmob we could come up with a hashtag so people without a pine phone can requests things they want to see from it? I've one, but never know what to post really.

@minkiu I think that's a great idea we should do that for sure :D

@linmob Would work for me I guess. We just have to choose one and communicate it well.

@gamey @linmob my vote goes to altough the word ask has a nice ring to it.

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