I wonder what controls the scrolling in GTK apps in Phosh, is it `phoc` ? I wonder cause the experience scrolling GTK apps vs Firefox is not really good.

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I made a quick video to illustrate what I mean (sorry for the vertical video), it's Tootle vs Firefox, (I know Tootle is in alpha/beta, but this also happens in GNOME Store for example)

@minkiu Ye scrolling in GTK apps on the Pinephone really isn't that great yet (doesn't really matter what app you try)

@minkiu I think it's at least partly because GTK3 based apps aren't hardware accelerated while Firefox (probably) is.

@air tried to find an issue in GTK about this but nothing came up, will poke on IRC tomorrow and see.

@minkiu As far as I understand it should improve once apps start switching to GTK4

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