Is there a way to mute toots from a certain source? I.e. 'Twitter Mastodon Crossposter' I would like to be able to create a timeline without bots and with first users, to find new people to follow, and that would help weed out a lot.

@minkiu you can filter words like "" or hide everything from a certain domain or block users.

@spla Hmmm I know about those but was thinking something more precise... 😁

@minkiu yes, but it's not possible block all crossposter from user interface. Could be very great option though.

@minkiu On the web you can click the three dots below a toot and block the domain.

Not sure about the crossposter - I can't find any in my feed to experiment with.

@minkiu FWIW I use to cross-post and I enjoy it a lot; it allows me to use Twitter and Mastodon interchangeably as clients, which I appreciate.

Any tips on which kinds of posts you find detract from your experience?

@flancian It's not that it detracts, nor is something I want to have permanently on, my goal with this is:
Normally I go into the Federated timeline in search of interesting people to follow, that are Fediverse first, so having a timeline like so would make my life easier, at the moment it feels like finding a needle in the hay :)

@minkiu thank you, that makes sense of course -- I was just checking in case I was able to do something better for the ecosystem.

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