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El cliente Open Source para visualizar contenido de Instagram, #Barinsta , que ofrecía entre otras cosas algunas opciones para navegar la red social con más privacidad o anonimicidad ha sido denunciado por #Facebook y su código ha sido eliminado.

Se puede ver la carta oficial aqui:

La carta PDF da bastante asco. Le piden al desarrollador cosas como una lista completa de todos los dominos que tiene a su nombre.

#Facebook da mucho asco. Por eso ni se deberian de usar sus productos.

So checking the SD card which is full, there is footage (both video and images), but there is no way to watch it though their apps (neither the desktop nor the Chrome App, no jokes, it is the most reliable way to operate with this).

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And you can sort of login into their mobile app and somehow it fiugres the camera IP (p2p i think) but there is no way o get that info, so unless you are next to the camera and on the same network, good luck doing anything to it.

A RPi with the Camera module would have been a far better experience that this shit.

And all the rant is cause it fills up the SD card, but ther eis no trace of videos when looking through the app or a way to rotate recordings or whatever is that it's filling it up.

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Everytime I interact with Amcrest (IP cameras) in anyway I regret even more not having stopped my father from buying it. It's just so awful, no proper webapp, it only works with a random ActiveX plugin, which they still suggest you using bloddy IE or Chrome with an Extension or a bloated desktop app that forces you to create and accound which then you can check as "Remember login" so why the heck you force me to register? To top it off they provide the software thourgh GDrive link.

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CudaText: Alternative open source version of Sublime Text

(submitted by nitinreddy88)

The ammount of advertising on traditional TV always gets me when I go back to mines. How people put up with this is beyond me, and they are the same frigging advertisements on loop almost.

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Alguien sabe donde se puede comprar una Raspberry Pi (Zero W) en ?

Does anyone know what tech does HP RGS and/or Teradicci uses under the hood? It seems too good, and we could use a Foss alternative

@spla Diria que es semblant a Google Lens (no l'he provat )? Te bona pinta.
Un "truc" que a vegades faig es pujar una imatge de la qual vull text a Google Keep, després als tres punts "Extract text from image"

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🎉 #PeerTube 3.3 is out ! 🎉

Main new features of this release: customise your instance's homepage, playlists are now searchable, shorter URLs, support of right to left languages and many other things...

▶️ joinpeertube.org/news#release-

I went ahead and added a blog into my personal website, where I'll be (hopefully) writing about computers, visual effects and maybe other hobbies: oscardomingo.com/

Please have a browse and let me know if any bug slipped :)

@geedp Hey, force myself to refresh my site and add a blog, here you go: oscardomingo.com/2021/07/18/se

Let me know any errors or things that aren't clear! :)

So I received an email from the Pocket Casts guys, that they are now becoming part of Automattic, does that mean they will open source the app? :D I am in the process of moving from Pocket Casts to AntennaPod, but I am still on last year's May in my Podcasts backlog...

@fanta pero entonces rita puede hacer `docker-compose stop`, `docker-compose pull` y `docker-compose up -d` y a vivir que son dos días no?

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