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Live streaming has seen its first PR merged in #PeerTube today:

You can learn more about how it will work in the detailed PR description.

Please note some points are still left to discuss in the PR, and you're very welcome to help with them!

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Blender is a free open source software suite for creating 3D and 2D CGI animation, stills and effects. You can follow their official Mastodon account at:

➡️ @Blender

They also have an official PeerTube account at:

➡️ @blender

The official website is at

#Blender #Art #CGI #3D #2D #Graphics #Apps #Software #FX #Animation #FilmMaking #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Video #Videos

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If you're still undecided which console to go with this generation, people have figured out that they can float ping-pong balls on the Series X vent... so I think we have a clear winner.

It's insane the amount of noise that there's on LinkedIn when it comes to actually finding a job, setting the filter to "Easy Apply" it's almost a requirement unless you are happy traversing pages of jobs that take you to other jobs boards or recruiters. I found StackOverflow's Jobs section far better and it's not event their main product, oh the irony.

Drink a shot every time Tim Cook does like 🙏 😂

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Our #libhandy tutorial has been updated to comply with the upcoming libhandy 1.x APIs, making it an up-to-date resource for anyone willing to experiment with modern mobile Linux app development. #linux

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Made a new release of JumpDrive, 0.6 supports the early adoptor PineTab now and the 3GB models of the PinePhone.

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What do you think is the best Slack alternative from the Open-Source area in the focus of engineering offices?

If not listed please mention as a comment.

#boost #poll #slack #floss #foss #chat #business #opensource #alternative

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Ara mateix he alliberat el codi de @feditrends
El millor codi que he escrit mai 😀


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I finally finished my fold-out workstation! It took about three months of working on the weekends, and I'm so glad to finally have my apartment free of clutter. You can follow along the arduous journey and see the result!

#woodworking #diy
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someone who understands dns name resolution please help 

let's say i have a server with hostname `home` running on my local network. i have `` pointing to my public IP.

problem: if i try to load `` from my local network, it times out.

workaround: i instead load `home`, which gives me an HTTPS warning due to the certificate mismatch, but accepting the risk and continuing works.

what can i do to be able to just type `` and have it work?

I wasted more time that I care to admit trying to get `staticjinja` to do what I want, I have now given up, and have much more respect for those that piece the things together to give us stuff lile `pelican`.

GIMP 2.99.2 is out with major refactoring, GTK3-based UI, Wayland support, hotplugging of drawing tablets, better color management, better rendering performance, and support for writing plugins in Python 3, JavaScript, Lua, and Vala

Why WhatsApp still doesn't have individual message reactions.. when their other service have it... I just wish I could migrate all my contacts to another messaging app ffs.

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As of late, WhatsApp web on Firefox 82.0.2 won't load (the loader gif keeps spinning) unless I do a hard-refresh, I though it was similar to what happened with Twitter and removing the service worker would do, but it's not the case.. any ideas?

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Rebuilt my Shield. Fell in love with it again after 30 seconds.

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