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Run your own private website to share what you want with only the people you choose (no ads / no tracking) :
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What is your choice if you leave #CentOS?

Please help me share.

:redhat: :centos: :clearos: :rockylinux: :fedora:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #GNU #Linux

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standing offer until further notice:

want to do something on the (gnu/linux/unix) command line but not quite sure where to start? trying to sort out some kind of tiny script? ill-advised regular expression not _quite_ hacky enough for the job? not asking stackoverflow quite the right thing? maybe i can help! @ me and let's see what we can do.

(disclaimers: speedy responses not guaranteed; i won't make fun of you; i'll tell you if i'm stumped; i'm pretty easy to stump.)

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It's 2021 and I started a new blog! (got a few things to fix before I can get it listed on planet gnome).

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FOSDEM 2021 is this weekend, Feb 6-7, and we can’t wait! Make sure you stop by our booth for fun GNOME info and links and join us on chat during the conference.


So they finally released the new version:
6 is out!

Your open source agile project management, revamped. New design, additional features, new help center and official docker image.

Check it out now!

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I've just released version 1.1-rc1 of #FDroidClassic 🎉

The following changes are included from the last beta:

* Add option to only load screenshots on demand
* Fix screenshot placeholder image not being visible when using light theme
* Fix annoying downloader crash, again (#52)
* Remove ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission
* Dependency and translation updates

That new Spotify patent some media are talking of, it better be opt-in or have the option to completely disable it, otherwise I'll have to look for another service, or set-up Jellyfin 🤷

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Today marks the end of #PinePhone Community Editions.
Thank you to
@kde and @mobian for making it possible. And thank you to all of you who picked up a CE and supported the mobile Linux cause!


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Penpot is out! Your new Open Source design and prototyping platform.

Try it now! #DesignFreedom 🎨 🎉

Why Dropbox doesn't show file (or folders for the matter) sizes on their site is really beyond me, how am I supposed to clear up space if I can't quickly find what's taking a lot of it? Without paying, obviously.

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A new major version of Authenticator, powered by Rust, GTK4 & GStreamer/ZBar is on Flathub! It has all you could need for 2-Factor-Authentication from QR code scanning to custom providers support like Steam.

Grab it while hot

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Why isn't there a section in Netflix with all the series you watched at least a season and that there are new episodes? It's quite baffling.

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I want to try something. I want to build something for someone. It will be free. I want it to be something important for you personally. What do you need?

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This is no where near finished but here's some first bits of startup notifications in #phosh (i'm usually using #epiphany on the #librem5 but I needed something that takes longer to start up so i went for #firefox):

@spla ei, estic utilitzant i he els links a youtube surten com a , no? Ho dic per que ha tancat desde septembre passat. Gracies per la instancia :)

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