everything else aside I do really appreciate mastodon, its developers, and the stuff they are doing. I'm really excited precisely because masto is open source & has so many varied people working on it

Is there a mastodon instance for talking about issues inherent in GNU Social without having someone write an essay in your mentions

and ESPECIALLY when it's a social network the question to ask oneself about every feature, interaction, response to criticism, foundational assumption, and implementation is this:


open source software is worthless unless it welcomes criticism outside of just the people who work on it

nothing makes me want to use software less than when constructive criticism of it is met w/ ppl that work on that software doing an "um actually" about it

I think I'm gonna start using mastodon to post about learning music stuff? I'm jamming around with a Pocket Operator and an MPK mini

I like how I still subconsciously formulate posts here to fit under 140 characters

I should use this more. But not at 3am

On a new social network for like a single minute before blocking someone lmao what's up


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