Supreme Court judge Justice D Y Chandrachud on Saturday said that labelling dissent as “anti-national” or “anti-democratic” strikes at the heart of deliberative democracy.

An expert committee explicitly barred the publication of the findings of a research study that said babies born to women — who as children were exposed to the 1984 gas leak in Bhopal — were significantly more likely to have “congenital malformations” than those born to women unexposed to the gas.

You’d think it would be impossible to come up with an idea worse than demonetisation. But Modi is up to it again, beating himself at the art of terrible ideas. It’s not NRC, it’s aNaRChy. It needs to be opposed tooth and nail.

Functional extinction is when a population becomes so limited that they no longer play a significant role in their ecosystem and the population becomes no longer viable. While some individuals could produce, the limited number of koalas makes the long-term viability of the species unlikely and highly susceptible to disease.

Funny to see how my gf always makes food or gets drinks only for herself 😆 I am totally the opposite, I can't stand eating or drinking alone :0030:

@Memeghnad I was someone who was an avid news reader and someone who had 100s of google alerts set up to follow news . However , in the last couple of years I’ve stopped consuming news daily because it makes me angry and sad , more angry than sad . So for peace of mind and mental health , I’ve chosen to not follow news channels . I live in my bubble with a few trusted sites

@Memeghnad Even many of those who do read, read just headlines and believe whatever the headline suggests. Very few actually care about the society to go even 1 layer deeper. Let us not even get to Non fiction book or research paper audience. They are almost non existent. Personally i have now consciously reduced reading op-eds and focus more on reading quality and fact based research, listening to podcasts and watching conferences lectures.

It's been a decade since I actively started following worldly affairs.

It has made me more aware and wiser, my career depends on it now, but I know there are wayyy more people who didn't do that.

They chose to keep away. From reading newspapers. From visiting news websites. Or news channels too.

I'm now starting to understand why and I respect their decision. I've stopped judging them for their choices, tbh.

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Since it's Men's day, it's a good opportunity to talk about how our society promotes aggressive toxic overly manly man behavior.

If you were a 'puny child' who goes to school, there is a 99% chance you were compared to other manly men, derided, taunted and made to feel unwanted.

I wish there was someone who had told me as a child, "It's OK to be puny, vulnerable and introverted. You do you."

If you want to watch Lok Sabha, use this link:

If you want to watch Rajya Sabha (adjourned right now), use this link:

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Hello lovely new people on #Mastodon!

I get a lot requests for verification but I want to explain that we don't have such a thing like on #Twitter.

The blue thicks you see in people's display names is just a custom emoji! :verified:

We are working on support for #Keybase that way we can verify ourself and our accounts in a responsible way. I'll keep you informed on that!

For now if you want a :verified: icon in your display name just add the following without the spaces: : verified :

A scared Journalist in a Democracy manufactures Dead Citizens!!

I'll take digital safety over digital comfort every time! 🔒❤️

A predator in its natural habitat!

But seriously, if you're serious in your work, consider investing some money in a good mouse and mousepad. Disable 'Enhance pointer precision' in Pointer Options and you're good to go.
It'll take a week or so for the muscle memory to build then you'll realise what you've been missing. Clicking, selecting text, doing everything in your PC will feel more natural and better.

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