2nd vaccine dose countdown: day 5.

Making note of all my acquaintances who have mentioned that they're gonna hug everyone as soon as it's safe so I know to continue to avoid them.

[whines] Ugh. Are we done talking stonks? I'm tired of hearing about stonks.

[sees robinhood is force selling client stocks without consent]

O_O [hooks up IV of news updates directly to my circulatory system]

I'm doing that thing again where I have better things to do but you'd never know it.

I can't believe I went to the bakery outlet and didn't buy 4 armloads of cookies. and cakes. 🍪🍰

Now that I'm home I have regrets.

If I like you and you ask nice, I'll drop what I'm doing to drive 3 hours to the middle of nowhere to graffiti an abandoned vehicle for your scavenger hunt team. 😂

There's a great blackberry bush at this bus stop but I can't reach it. 😭

[Gets tetanus booster.]

Finally! I can run barefoot over rusty nails again!

Haven't done a fiction/non-fiction pairing in a bit. Colin Whitehead's new book is inspired by a reform school that even by reform school standards sounds all kinds of fucked up.

I'm The Nickel Boys & The Boys of the Dark.



[Getting passport photos done]
Photog: Is this okay?
Me: Good enough.
Photog: Yeah...I don't think you could take a bad photo.
Me: 😍😊

I just realized my upbringing was so nuts that I don't have a past, I have an origin story. 😂

I cleaned out my Clarisonic tonight. Impressive microbiome that I've never seen in 7 years of ownership. It's only ever been a slight film of soap scum, but today...I think it was about to turn sentient.

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