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Hersenkrakers: mensen die hun intrek nemen in langdurig leegstaande hersenen.

Het leven is een feestje, en de meeste slingers hangen al.

Any thoughts on how to deal with the brigading on ? (Gore, racism anti-Semitism).

"The sun is useless. I mean, it doesn't even shine at night, which is actually when we need it the most."

vtijms@bridge.birb.space - [RT @mccormick_ted]
Neil Young getting canceled by the anti-cancel-culture crowd for having voluntarily canceled himself is so 2022

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Although I'm not so sure about its (implied) positions on nature/nurture, or biology/culture, I think this is an entertaining little article: esiculture.com/blog/2022/1/21/

I guess even more than training kids to deal with "being embarrassed", (told by dads, mothers, uncles or whatever) can also teach kids that it's fine to be embarrassing; to own it. To not care about it.

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@BirdsiteLIVE Just checking: if I follow some Twitter account using birdsite.slashdev.space/ is it normal that I have to wait a couple of hours for the follow request to be approved?)

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