While a lot of people decided to set a header to opt-out from FLOC tracking for their users, I decided to embrace it and let people make up their own mind.

For those interested in the banner, here are the implementation details:


It's kept simple and efficient. It'll only show up, when your browser implements the API. Enjoy!

#FLOC #privacy

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"So how much ram are we talking, on a scale from going to the moon to displaying a web page"

Well, this is both fascinating and terrifying: arxiv.org/abs/2012.07805

This is honestly like turning the crank on a meat grinder backwards and having that work so well that that cows just mosey out of it under their own power. It is astounding.

Welcome to the world wild web. I am sure every browser engine has such rules baked in somehow. In German, I would call this „Notwehr“. 😉
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This whole file, wow github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/

if (isAmazon())
return true;
if (isGoogleMaps())
return true; twitter.com/jordwalke/status/1

If your boss sends you to chop wood and doesn't pay you for the time you spend sharpening your axe, it's time to find a new boss.

Why is the world going to hell? Netflix’s The Social Dilemma tells only half the story: jonathan-cook.net/blog/2020-09

I do think for most of you, it's better to read the reviews of The Social Dilemma than to actually watch it. Those reviews do not pull their punches like the film does.

There's a few other such reviews, but I don't have the links on me...

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