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How to PIN multiple columns in web view to follow those all-important # feeds. Video starts from nothing just in case you delete everything by mistake. #Mastodon

I wanna follow more girls and nb people so boost if you're a girl or non binary ♡♡♡

"We don't need no education."

Well, you've used a double negative there, so...

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Blog post: We're on Mastodon and Off Twitter

(But folks here knew that already 😉 )


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I no longer care as much about tooting in public. I don’t mean posting on mastodon, I mean I just fart on the train now, it stinks anyway so who cares

being an adult is hard. boost if you agree

Words of wisdom from Daughter:

Roses are red
Violets are red
Everything's red
There's blood everywhere

I think we can all agree that's wisdom, right?

TL:DR — Don’t worry about Mastodon instances, you only need one account to talk to anyone on any instance.

This blog post from @stealthmunchkin sums up a lot


TFW you are involved in a Yorkshire Gubbins pile on of a prominent barrister, and full of sudden joy because of it.

(Yorkshire Gubbins being @GoreMcSpace's hilarious pointy clicky game. Demo at ayerobot.com if you've not played it yet)

This goes for everything.

"We want fair votes so your vote counts!" not "well, single transferable vote using the Droop quota in six-member seats..."

"Small Gods is a good Pratchett book, read that one first" not "here is a list of reading orders for the subseries in the Discworld series, remember that the Watch and Ankh-Morpork series overlap".

People don't have the same background knowledge as you. Communication is about giving them an inaccurate but refinable working model.

Hey tooters

Toot on if you need help with something broken

Or toot on if you have tools and skills and can help someone out who needs it

and boost this to help more people

I mean, I can cope without food and water for a while yet, but at some point I AM going to need to go to the loo.

Of course even this would be fine (for she is little enough to be carryable, if necessary) if Spike hadn't gone "well if SHE'S getting cuddles, I want cuddles too!" and put his much larger bulk into what is affectionately known in this house as The Giving Birth To Spike position - between my legs, head by my ankles, bum jammed up in my crotch. If I try to move a leg away he clutches it in his paws and harrumphs.

The thing when Roxy is poorly is that all she wants, all the time, is mummy cuddles.
Which means I am basically unable to move anything other than the one arm not cuddling her all day.