So, I'm going to move instances. Mostly because I think I probably should have singed up to in the first place...

So after 9 months on Mastodon, I really like it here. I wrote about my experience and some advice for new users over on The Outline

So I now have a dedicated sewing table and don't have to clear the dining table to do sewing! I just made @matgb's mum her Christmas present.
So if anybody needs alterations doing, give me a nudge. I can take up, take in, let out, reshape less-curvy clothes to suit curvy people, etc.
Actual garment making reserved for fambly &/or people who are willing to pay LOTS of money, though.

Just done a YouGov survey. I feel there was a missed opportunity in one of the questions:

"Rochdale council has just dropped a ban on swearing in the town centre as unenforceable. Do you think trying to ban swearing in public is
- a good idea
- a bad idea
- don't know"

Surely one of the options should have been "fuck off"?

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I was going to do a thing and now my brain can;t remember what the thing was and now I have mild anxiousness because my brain is saying it was a pretty important thing...

Dog snuggles will help me remember, right?

Right. I'm going back to huddling under the duvet with my kindle and a nice Val McDermid.

Seems to take about 3 minutes for toots to get twitted, which isn't too bad.
(and of COURSE I typoed in my test. Of COURSE I did)

OK, they've stopped again. Hopefully for the rest of the day.

I mean, living near to a church is great most of the time: nice architecture; lovely peaceful graveyard with all cherry trees and ivy and squirrels and birds and things. Maybe this is just the price I pay?

They just did that thing of stopping for a couple of minutes, letting my hopes rise, and then starting again.


And yeah, I know, I didn't HAVE to live within bellshot of a noisy church, but... Sometimes it'd be nice to have a muezzin or something, just for variety?

Cthulhu on a bike, I KNOW you love Jesus, you don;t have to ding dong on about it all sodding day.

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TFW partner wants to go shopping and you just want to lurk under the duvet feeling grumpy

We had quite a long walk today, me and the doggies.
I'm now on the sofa, covered in snoring happy beasties.
This is lovely, but also prevents moving.
Still, somebody left the telly on Quest, and I'm actually finding How Sports Are Made quite interesting - it's little 10 minute documentaries on how they make sporting equipment.
So far I've watched:
- racing wheelchairs
- showjumping saddles
- snowboards
- curling stones
And am currently watching masts for racing yachts.

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Irrationally annoyed by people doing 12 days of Christmas things now, when you're meant to start Christmas Day and finish on 12th night.
I know I'm Cnuting here, and I should just let it go, but…

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