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Heya, this is a re-introduction since my last one was like a year and a half ago. I’m an autistic queer genderfluid person and this is my main account. I like all things technology, especially cybersecurity; chickens, because I own some; video games, like Spelunky 2, Minecraft, and Fable; D&D (I love ); dumb posts, and more. Feel free to DM and interact, unless you’re a TERF, SWERF, nazi, or anything along those lines.

Preferred weapon??

Unfortunately I have relapsed back into my skyrim addiction of 8+ years. bye

Oh yeah I’m one with everything. Take your mom, for example,

I cant stay silent anymore. I like little caesars and pizza hut pizza. I know they taste like cardboard but I love it I thrive on it

Me: I just feel like there is not enough werewolf media, especially video games that allow you to transform into one and eat people.

My therapist: I don’t see what this has to do with your father.

cherries 🍒

if you like my work, consider supporting my by buying me a coffee:

*youtuber video opening voice* hey there friends and foes,

a little nsfw, trans stuff 

And then they squish it and laugh because it’s a lil silicone dick. Effervescent

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a little nsfw, trans stuff 

Why is no one talking about the intimacy of a partner taking off your packer along with your underwear during sexy time

slightly nsfw 

The year is 2023. I am in court and being tried for questionable viewpoints because we are in a fascist regime. The judge reads out one of my deleted instagram comments, “this pussy open 24/7 like seven-eleven... no reservations on this” I hold back the rising desire to laugh my lungs out in court as the jury sweats profusely and judges me guilty of treason

I haven’t lost electricity from the winter storms because my hamster runs super fast and generates all of my energy for my house

When you put a playlist on shuffle and think of the next song you want to come on and then it does. pure will power pulsing in my veins

you step into my tent at the county fair for a tarot reading but instead of tarot cards I just start laying out hentai themed playing cards.

@bees tradewife (she completed an apprenticeship and now being a wife is her trade)

this guy just traded me a loaf of bread and a pitcher of wine, what do i do

I think about this stuff a lot cuz I'm a dork and it's my job. I think about it even when the power isn't out.

As usual, we have all the tech we need to build a better world. We just don't because there's profit in it being shitty.

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People deserve to make, distribute and own their own electricity, and the means to generate and store it. We deserve electrified mass transit and to own that too. We deserve cities you can get around in via a variety of ways. And we deserve to control all this democratically.

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