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Heya, this is a re-introduction since my last one was like a year and a half ago. I’m an autistic queer genderfluid person and this is my main account. I like all things technology, especially cybersecurity; chickens, because I own some; video games, like Spelunky 2, Minecraft, and Fable; D&D (I love ); dumb posts, and more. Feel free to DM and interact, unless you’re a TERF, SWERF, nazi, or anything along those lines.

ME: who’s a good girl? ;)


“People don’t put drugs in halloween candy, drugs are too expensive to waste on random kids” okay but what if it was funny to watch your neighborhood youth trip balls

Catch me rewatching shows that I already know I enjoy so I don’t have to face the terrifying unknown of discovering new media

Please ignore the large tank of estrogen I am hauling toward the la reservoir

When u see acab written on a wall you should make a wish 💫🥰💫

People turning the “are ya winning, son?” meme into wholesome what-I-wish-my-dad-had-been content is what we all deserve and I support it wholeheartedly

People don’t understand how important it is to not only listen to opposing viewpoints, but study them. Simply being against transphobia/homophobia/racism etc in theory does not protect you from being influenced, you need to work it out in your mind WHY you should oppose it, you need to understand those with differing opinions, really dig into their propaganda and feelings (if you can handle it)

i look down and all my popcorn is gone. i was not microdosing

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microdosing on my popcorn while I wait for the movie to start

Behold, my polycule! Soon we will grow to take over the tri-state area! Mwaharharharharhar

personal YEARNING 

h gh fjdi just wanna make out with hot people

What if we were two butterflies sitting on an orange huh. what would you do then

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Instead of playing the cup song with kids at recess I pretended to be a squirrel

babygirl I know about leftist infighting you’ve never even heard of

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