Fuck your “pass it on” tweets. Just say the thing you’re saying, pass it on.

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Fuck your “pass it on” tweets. Just say the thing you’re saying.

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The fate of the Supreme Court may very well lie in Chuck Grassley's hands.

Meanwhile, here's Chuck Grassley:

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Also @FallonFox@twitter.com, this made me think of you immediately

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In 2012, I posted something along the lines of "Mitt Romney straight up seems like a cartoon villain" and oh my god what a sweet, sweet summer child I was in those halcyon days of yore...

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How do you look at the current Republican Party and not say to yourself “these are the villains from every story I ever read”?

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you may disagree with this, and if so, you’re the exact person who needs to hear it: you should really really really vote for joe Biden or things are about to get so much worse

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This is one of the funniest reveals I’ve seen in a long time. Whoever was controlling the speed of that tarp is a comic genius because the payoff is just out of this world twitter.com/cbsnews/status/130

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Idk who needs to hear this but we really owe the women and girls of the United States better than letting another Kavanaugh sit in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat

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Senate Dems, collective, abandoned us on Kavanaugh. We are owed an effort - from all of them - this time. A Ginsburgian effort. Figure it out. Kick. Scream. Do not let an impeached, rapist president steal our human right to control our bodies. Fucking represent us goddamnit.

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Under no circumstances should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after the presidential inauguration. Senator McConnell made his position clear in 2016 when he held Justice Scalia’s seat vacant for 10 months to deny President Obama an appointment.

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I feel bad for possibly being hyperbolic here, but this thing happening at this particular time strikes me as wildly sub-optimal.

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." npr.org/2020/09/18/100306972/j

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Continue to socially distance for at least a solid month just to be safe, probably?

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Curious: What's the first thing you would do if the pandemic suddenly disappeared?

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Anyone else just fucking miss hugs? God damn

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Every time @The_MJF@twitter.com cuts a promo, @hallublin@twitter.com gets his wings.

He is now a tragic and terrifying many-winged mockery of humanity, but it's honestly worth it.

This may seem like an odd recommendation, but if you're someone who doesn't cook or feels like you can't, please watch @JRsBBQ@twitter.com make some beans. It's very calm & friendly, all about trying stuff and seeing what works. That's everything I love about cooking.

The @oculus@twitter.com Quest 2 looks really cool, too bad I can't use one because @Facebook@twitter.com disabled my account TWO YEARS ago without any explanation, the 20+ web forms I've submitted have been ignored, and opening a new account would violate their T&C...

@OculusSupport@twitter.com, any suggestions?

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