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"Look at me, I'm a human! I pay taxes, I have depression, I'm behind on chores!"

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If you're looking to, for example, take someone camping, but maybe you don't want everyone to know all about your trip: keep it offline!

Also, don't bring your phone camping--if it's necessary for emergencies, maybe pick up a cheap one, just in case you accidentally lose it! 🙂

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My Grandpa Dave told me he was sure he was gay when he was moving into his dorm room freshman year of college and there was a boy “with the prettiest eyes;” after Grandpa passed, I learned from my mother who that boy was.

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You know Gervais, Chappelle, Mulaney, and all the other needle dicks at Netflix probably breathed a sigh of relief hearing that a bunch of Mexican kids got gunned down to keep the heat off them. Fuck that I got the capacity and the memory and the will.

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Nothing like having your therapist ask "What sorts of things fuel and drive you?", and having that question trigger a full-on existential crisis...

I got a new tattoo and I'm so excited about it and I wrote a little bit about why on Instagram because I'm so excited about it!

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Ok, since Google has done a doodle for his birthday today and some ppl are wondering who he is, gather around children, it is storytime. A story that starts with a secret. Superheroes do exist in real life. Well one did.

Meet Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt AKA The Great Gama.

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I call on the headmasters of Boston Latin School, superintendent @BCassellius@twitter.com , and Mayor of Boston @MayorWu@twitter.com , to apologize to this student poet.
I call on my friends in the poetry community to rally around this student poet and share their words.

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8yo: I have some advice.
Me: oh yeah?
8: Don’t waste your diamonds on a hoe.
Me: what do you mean?
8: well you can’t even attack with them and they can only be used to garden and reach blocks. Get a sword instead.
Me: Is this a Minecraft thing?
8: What else would it be?

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sincerely, ZERO tolerance for anyone who has made transphobia part of their personality. it’s killing people.

fuck bill maher.

fuck ch-ppelle.

fuck the harry potter moron.

transphobes fuck off.

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(I'm honestly not sure how he'd feel about the comparison, but the first album it made me think of was No Code, even though it sounds nothing like Pearl Jam)

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The new @steadycraig@twitter.com record is tremendous, but the thing that's really getting me is the sequencing. Every song stands on its own, but they flow into each other in a way that feels so much bigger than a collection of songs.

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