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I can’t think of a better metaphor for teacher appreciation week than finding this burnout questionnaire that my district asked us to fill out in February and then never collected or asked us about ever again

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Oliver wanted to listen to music with horns on the way to school, so I put on a random @mmbosstones@twitter.com playlist.

I never noticed how the guitars and drums on "Where'd You Go" morph from tight, punchy ska verses into absolute damn Foreigner in the chorus. It's fantastic.

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Good morning! We're back for episode two, continuing on with some of the same themes we discussed last episode, along with some new conversations about consent in the pit and community. on yr platforms here: anchor.fm/steady-ladies/episod

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This is a really great thread on making mistakes, and is stuff I need to remind myself of all the damn time.

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Let's talk about accountability, apologies, and what I call The Blargh (stay with me I'm going somewhere). This is just my two cents, you can take it or leave it.

We all fvck up, and sometimes we fvck up on a public platform in a fantastic spectacle of fvcking up. It 1/13

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Sometimes I'll remember that, along with everything else, we lost Adam Schlesinger last year, and just...dammit.

.@Desilove@twitter.com, playing @CozyGrove@twitter.com: "I caught an inexplicable woefish!"

Me, just existing in 2021: "Yeah, me too..."

Kinda weird we haven't gotten a Snyderesque gritty reboot of Invader Zim yet.

I'm not *asking* for one, it's just weird.

I love that @CorridorDigital@twitter.com did a Crew Cuts documentary on how my little brother uses the circle game as both a campaign of full-blown psychological warfare, and a work of art.

He sucks so much, and I'm so proud of him.

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Outing abusers as abusers is not tarnishing their reputation, it’s making it more accurate.

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If the abuser is welcome then the victim is not.

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Hey, who do I know who records/produces music on Windows, and *doesn't* use ProTools? Exploring a few options, but the info is pretty overwhelming...

Today seems like yet another fantastic day to point out that Joe Rogan sucks

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this is what an NFT is.

I walk into a gallery and ask to buy an NFT of a painting.

I pay the asking price and they print a fancy receipt and give it to me. also the receipt printer uses more electricity than a small town.

they keep the painting. I just get the receipt.

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next pandemic is it okay if we do science right off the bat

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RT if you’ve played a show for fewer than 10 people

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