Hey, this sucks. I'm excited for live music to come back, but this has always sucked. Let's please leave this bullshit pre-pandemic.

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Watching @theholdsteady@twitter.com and wishing I was at @brooklynbowl@twitter.com fighting my way to the front.

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One musician I can get a little obnoxious talking about is @JonahMatranga@twitter.com, but it's only because he's a fantastic songwriter and a lovely human being. His new album, PSONGS, is out now, and it's gorgeous, optimistic, and heartbreaking. You should give it a listen. Link below.

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Some really interesting perspective in this about gender, punk, aging, and that overdone joke about the bathroom lines at THS shows. twitter.com/mikeconklin/status

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@ASpittel@twitter.com i feel like part of the problem is the deep imposter syndrome that the first computers were *literally women* and men want so badly to be computers that this is the only way they can cope

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imagine thinking that certain groups of people aren't "suited" for work they care about because of their body parts

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I love that I can take sleeping meds at 10:30, lay down at 11:15 and fall asleep right away, randomly jolt awake around 1:30, and just be...done sleeping for the night, apparently?

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Bob Ross: did you just touch my hair

Me: it was a happy accident

Bob Ross: no, that was a fucking mistake

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Hey this seems, uh, bad.

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NEW: Issuing an executive order to lift the mask mandate and open Texas to 100 percent.

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as an anti authoritarian my favorite old west font is probably sans sheriff

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Time to try out another JRPG, with my standard JRPG protagonist name.

This song is SO GOOD and the music video is OUT OF THIS WORLD

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the new @earlyriserband@twitter.com single "Vocations" (title track of our new album out 3/26 on @AFrecordsPGH@twitter.com) is up on @Bandcamp@twitter.com, @Spotify@twitter.com and @AppleMusic@twitter.com! linktr.ee/earlyriser

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Beyond having consistently great songs, @JeffSchallerLWH@twitter.com are some of the best folks I know. This is a really cool write-up, check out some new music!

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Sound check: New music from @MarinaCityband@twitter.com, and @JeffSchallerLWH@twitter.com; @RamseyLewis@twitter.com livestreams on , love dailyherald.com/entlife/202102

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the best way to make chicken stock is to get a chicken, cram as much of it as you can into a saucepot, add one small slice off a bunch of celery, fill it with swanson’s chicken stock, and hit it with a blowtorch for 30 seconds. you will have to throw away the rest of your celery

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I think the Uncharted movie is probably going to be pretty cool and all, but is it too late to cast @macclint@twitter.com as Victor Sullivan?

Went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of prepared stuff to make easy meals with, because as much as I love to cook, my executive function the past couple weeks has just been like:

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