Let's see if other peoples' bases are visible this week in No Man's Sky, shall we?


Just sayin'

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The best way to quit your job is to punch out a few ceiling tiles and clamber up into the ventilation system, never to be seen again

You remind me of grown men who get their political opinions from the stupider half of The Man Show hosts.

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News app that recognizes when you pull up a story/video with pre-roll ads or requires a subscription and instantly finds another page that has the same content without interference.

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Becoming human with the clan tonight with @mistermichaelk@twitter.com 🐒🐆🐘🐍🐾. twitter.com/mistermichaelk/sta

New clan and this time the animals are scared of us in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.


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Vyskee-Ball Progress! Just need to finish logic @NoMansSky@twitter.com @hellogames@twitter.com

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Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT) live at youtu.be/EMczpP9n07A

See if you can be interesting without constantly trying to come up with the hottest angriest take about whatever nonsense blew through your timeline today.

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Shinra looms over Midgar in a stunning new @finalfantasyvii@twitter.com Remake trailer, fresh from

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Come watch @mistermichaelk@twitter.com beat up some bad guys in Batman: Arkham Knight! Click over to youtube.com/watch?v=hlC6V4UBEc and join the live chat! Actively chat and earn XP for next month's giveaway! See you there!

Time to punch bad guys. Batman: Arkham Knight from the ps+ free games this month.


Just sayin'

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Every day I think “maybe I should get a haircut” and then I’m like nah

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Yo! @LogitechG@twitter.com @Logitech@twitter.com @LogitechGUK@twitter.com

I own quite a few of your products. Which is why it saddens me to see you advertising this. Telling people to destroy working products that could be donated or otherwise given to these YT'ers viewers, just for a chance to win a new one. Boo!

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If you had to choose between Apple and Android, why are you picking Android?

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Disregarding the an astonishing soundtrack, I'm actually upset about the lack of giant worms. I want the world to end.

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