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Student protests as of 9 pm on 17th. It's been pointed out that I've missed student protests in Sikkim and in Tripura (which is under an internet blockade). Thank you @AnibasNimsay. This map will be updated with more protests soon. We're going to need a bigger map!

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Reading all the pious bullshit from political leaders today, about the glories of the , is almost more disgusting than watching them stab it in the guts every other day.

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It's not just the recent Maratha agitation that Tanhaji hopes to capitalise upon, by the way.

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I had to share this here 😂 (from Twitter)
It is a response from his constituents for him missing the meeting on Delhi pollution control for watching cricket match.

I have dead-ass given up on socialising in favour off spending more time cooking decent meals for myself 10/10 would recommend

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मुझे पता नहीं था के झूठन का दूसरा खंड भी है। पहले खंड ने दिल निचोड़ दिया था। रुलाया, सोने नहीं दिया। अगर आप सच में जानना चाहते हैं के जाति शोषण का क्या मतलब होता है और दिल में हिम्मत रखते हैं अपनी और इस समाज, इस देश की असलियत जानने की, तो झूठन ज़रूर पढ़ें।

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Sad truth. The real heroes who always get forgotten. These people are not the once that are murdered, it's justice that's murdered.

7 murders in 10 years: The cost of fighting for the environment in Tamil Nadu

Now that i have watched every episode of Hasan Minhaj's Patriot Act, getting ready to raise my hand and confidentily blurt out a lengthy opinion when the teacher asks if there are any questions

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This is real. While JNU students protest fee hike and crazy hostel rules, the Vice-Chancellor holds a 'Bridal-themed event' by, wait, read this, 'JNU Women's Club'. Women come wearing their bridal dresses to showcase country's diversity

Half of the internet is saying it was an American-backed coup in Bolivia and the other half is hailing it as a victory for protestors and democracy. If you haven't been keeping up with the news for a while, what sources does one trust here?

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Hello Chennai,
and I would be in the panel “Honest Conversations on Diversity and Inclusivity“ tomorrow at the Queer and Allies Art Festival. Join us if you are in Chennai

I was listening to a qawwali by NFAK and a dude asked me if I liked "old songs" ??!?

There are no results for on this site guys I don't know how long I can survive here

Dinnertime with dorm-residents:
Indian dude 1: Here have some sambhar
Indian dude 2: Here's tamarind chutney
Indian dude 3: Here's some pulao
Me: Try this palak daal
German guy: *disappointedly* I have boiled potatoes

for reals they put 'curry powder' in ketchup and serve it with fries and meat god give my desi heart the strength

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ffs what kind of a cold ass country doesn't have any hot snacks and dares to call itself a 'developed country'

Hullooo I've been and done lots of things but right now I'm studying public policy in beautiful, cold-ass, snack-less Berlin.

A moderation policy against reply guys is probably too much for this site as well I guess

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