Hi @gautambhatia — I've been trying to do some research regarding the constitutional validity of the CAA, and who better than you to get my doubts clarified!

I wanted to know your thoughts regarding the constitutionality of the CAA in light of the Nehru-Liqaquat pact. In light of the same, does the distinction drawn by the CAA stand the test of Article 14?

"The march from a jus soli to a jus sanguinis conception of citizenship is also simultaneously a march from civic-nationalism to ethno-religious nationalism, from a universalist and inclusive form of nationalism to an exclusionary form that renders difference as graded hierarchy.

This is nothing less than a radical re-invention of the imagination of India that informed and inspired the freedom struggle and found embodiment in the Constitution."


Okay I take this back. My mind was and is absolutely blown episode six onwards. Just tooooo good!!

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When a live-in relationship between two adults is not deemed to be an offence, terming the occupation of hotel room by an unmarried couple will not attract a criminal offence: Madras High Court.


I feel so much of this disrespectful behaviour/ banter is inherited. When I see newly wedded husbands in their 20s do this, it's obvious that these are "social skills" they picked from their fathers, uncles, etc.

I guess most young couples have no idea how to navigate social gatherings with other young couples/ families, and so they resort to using the same joke/ icebreaking formats that they've grown up with.

And well, punching down humour at the cost of wives is unfortunately the norm.

It really makes me uncomfortable to see husbands casually mocking the bodies of their wives (and other women) in social gatherings etc. The fat shaming is so disrespectful to their partner and relationship.

The ironic thing is that most of the times they're out of shape themselves lol!

BJP holding nationwide protests against Congress for "falsely accusing" the government of the Rafale scam. The level of insecurity these guys have is unparalleled lol.

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@suhrith and I wrote a piece on the Ayodhya judgment.


We asked if the judgment is legally correct; and if isn't, whether it is nonetheless justified as an act of "judicial statesmanship" that lets the country move on.

We believe that the answer to both those questions is "no".

Why are newspapers and magazines in regional languages usually so "sensational" and nonsensical? Why don't they have engaging and revolutionary writings?

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The year is 2040. A 15 judge bench of the Supreme Court of India is sitting on the question of whether a review petition filed against the decision of the 13-judge bench in 2036 on whether another review petition filed in 2031.....

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Looking for women (trans, cis, enby) quizzers, and seekers of trivial knowledge, to join a team drafting questions for a Tamil TV quiz show. Paid gig, but must be based in or willing to move to Madras for duration of work. Please apply or boost

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I feel like I'm in a bad relationship with the Supreme Court. My mood swings every day depending on what I hope they'll do, what they actually do, and what they don't do.

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@mitsie hate winters, the skin goes dry , have 3x the clothes to wash , they take longer to dry , fruits also just barely good. Football also is an hour late.

Watchmen by David Lindelof has such a great premise and context but the show in itself is a little slow. And each episode leaves me with more questions than answers.

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@Memeghnad The need to re-balance power comes from basic human wiring. Research on paleolithic human tribes indicates that one of the key aspects of successful hunter-gatherer communities was the way they kept power fairly balanced.
Quoting: "anthropologists report that many of the remaining hunter-gatherers are “fiercely egalitarian,” deploying humor to subdue the ego of anyone who gets out of line."
When you smell power, you're really smelling ego. And inflated egos are a danger to the tribe.

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"I'm engaged"
Rest of the world: "Congratulations"
India: "love marriage or arranged marriage?"

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@ashwin @mitsie
Actually they don't know that their unhappiness stems from the fact that they are collectivist in thinking. So these are people who never have opportunities to develop individual personalities and have much self regard. They live their entire lives subsuming their needs for that of others in their family. as much as they depend on others for their happiness, they also have no sense of containment of negative emotions. Which also they dump on others.

Most families are built on patriarchal division of labour that is, more or less, inflexible. They are built on transgressions of boundaries. They are built around guilt tripping, blackmail, and unhealthy communication. Taunts and passive aggression are so common. Violence — emotional, mental, physical, financial — is so common.

But hey, at least we stick together, right!

Indians are so obsessed with the traditional, "hum sath sath hai" idea of a family that they refuse to acknowledge how stressful and toxic Indian families can get.

Big Little Lies S2 is so emotionally draining but I'm hooked!!

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