Can the mental health discourse accommodate conversations about both — how mental illness impacts a person, as well as the people around them?

For instance, when we talk about anxiety, we only talk about how difficult it is for the person who suffers it — which is fair. It is very, very difficult and it does create unimaginable internal havoc.

But without taking away from that, it can also wreck the lives of people that love a person with anxiety.

The setting of boundaries and healthy communication can become very difficult. The emotional work involved can become so, so draining.


How do I talk about how much the anxiety of people that I love impacts me and my mental peace? I don't know how to talk about it without feeling so, so guilty.

I want to be there for them and I want to care for them, but how do I do that if I'm always emotional drained and burnt out around them?

How do you even communicate this burn out to them without fearing that telling them about this will push them further in their shell?

@mitsie There's nothing to be guilty about. Have a very open n healthy discussion about this with the person. Start the conversation by sharing a happy news first.

I'm sure if you're so concerned about them, they must also love you back the same way and will ponder upon your concern.

However, you should also remember that there's a very fine line between being a bit anxious and being toxic. You should know if they take away your happiness and leave you feeling depressed every time.

@coffeeplease I feel reluctant to call it toxic because I know they don't intend to cause me emotional stress at all. It's just a codependent relationship where I feel unfulfilled... I'm tired of being the caregiver. Tired of not having healthy communication and tired of watching them suffer and victimise themselve.

@mitsie I don't want to be the person who makes comments without knowing the full story on such a personal and delicate matter but I really have to tell you that you do sound very depressed with this.

You're not doing right to yourself and soon you'll start getting a bit anxious too.

Please take some clinical advice from a professional. That'd be the best. :)

All the best. Stay positive. Love life.

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