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That was a great mod-style teenage band from my hometown in the late 1980s. Parkas and Fred Perry shirts, you know ;-)

At the time, it was a absolute no-go to listen to mod music for teddyboys and psychobillies. Today, I could listen to The Jam, Who and thelike all nite long.

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RIP Charlie Watts, the steadiest beat in rock for the last 60 years. And this anecdote is too cool:

Parts of my study materials last week in bavarian franconia.

The Beverly Brothers' vocal style is not present on all of their tracks, thought.

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Was macht eigentlich dümmer: Neuronenspaltung oder Neuronenfusion?

Another almost forgotten track by the finnish mid-80's /Power- Trio Form their fantastic self-titled debut album. A little bit like 's later excursion to hard rock (but more raw and powerful IMHO).

have been one of the best early Neo- bands from Scotland. Technically mostly accurate, but crazier and way less conventional than bands like, e.g., .

Sometimes w/ full setup, sometimes w/o drums, sometimes even w/o bass. The lead guitarist has died a few months ago. Love 'em.

A w/ strong notes of whiskey malt. Smokey, almost like the famous smoke from Bamberg.

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