Regarding last boost: I wish more interviewers understood that about programming. "No I've never built that, but I know how and none of this is rocket science, so I can figure it out."



In general we're terrible at hiring. We overvalue raw intelligence and specific technical knowledge. (Sorry, this project uses Ruby 2.5.1 and you only know Ruby 2.5.0.)

Meanwhile we undervalue the most important skills: judgement, empathy, and communication. I don't care how brilliant my colleague's code is if the person can't explain it, is a jerk, or the code never should have been written in the first place.

@mkb @webinista I cannot like this hard enough. I got turned down for a project once because I said I preferred vanilla js over JQuery. And that’s one of milder moments of insufferable hiring managers.

@Are0h @webinista My kneejerk response to those dumb hiring decisions is one is better off without a company which makes poor hiring choices. Fuck ‘em.

Of course it’s not that simple. These same poor hiring practices perpetuate monoculture, excluding capable people trying to get into tech. Who has exactly the tech background the company is looking for? Why people exactly like them of course.

@mkb @webinista Yeah, I am completely sick of "What's the third parameter from the left in this system call" interview questions. You'd think they were hiring an API manual and not a coder.

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