One of the greatest revolutionary hurdles will be normalizing the discomfort of unlearning. We've learned to live with and enact so many endless expressions of oppression, and the process of identifying, isolating, reflecting on, and dismantling those impulses is very, very long under the best of conditions.

Tangentially (but eventually related, I promise): I don't entirely agree with the "fuck theory, if you can't say it in a simple sentence, it's worthless" camp, though I think that effort is important, to an extent. The anti-theory approach I really oppose is that which says "fuck theory, let's go back to when we were all just humans cooperating and we didn't need theory to tell us what to do." It sounds sexy and utopic, but it is anachronistic, patrician, and infantilizing of human history.

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@bedap Would you mind expounding on that a bit? I see the utopic snd anachronistic but not yet the patrician and infantilizing.

@mkb patrician and infantilizing because it tends to assume that today we're advanced and complex and have fancy things like theory, but in the past we were simple, unconcerned with the abstract, and lived without giving it any thought.

It's like a kind of modern exceptionalism that condescends to the past and denies it complexity, imo.



Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!

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